Furniture For Your Marque Wedding

Furniture For Your Marque Wedding

Hiring Furniture For Weddings

I need to organise furniture for my wedding, but I don't know where to start! Can you help me?

Yes Furniture Hire UK would be happy to help! We realise weddings these days can be a very expensive affair. There are so many important things that need to be considered and paid for whilst planning a wedding.

One of the most stressful decisions can be deciding where to hold the weddings reception. Many people are now opting to design their own perfect wedding reception by using a marque instead of a normal venue. This has many advantages to it as the marque can be decorated to exactly how the couple want it to look. This is perfect for couples who want a more individual wedding. At Furniture Hire UK we realise the demand for marque weddings is growing.

To satisfy this growing demand we now have a whole section of our firm devoted to wedding furniture. Using Furniture Hire UK is a completely stress free and easy process. We can supply all the main furniture you need for your wedding from one place at great prices.

What would be the best tables to use at our wedding?

Your wedding reception will need to cater for a large number of people to eat and sit in comfort. Therefore it is essential that you have tables and chairs for everyone. At Furniture Hire UK we have a range of furniture designed specifically for this purpose. If you are looking for tables then our 1830mm Circular Banqueting Table will be perfect for your wedding. This table can seat up to ten people so is ideal for larger sized weddings.

Why is a round table better?

The circular shape of the table is perfect for a social event such as a wedding as it means that everyone can interact freely. Best of all, the Circular Banqueting Table is collapsible and stackable so can be stored away in a corner once all the dancing begins. Hiring the Circular Banqueting Table will help to keep the budget of your wedding down as it is available for only £3.41 per week; a price that will be hard to beat anywhere else.

Complementary furniture

What other furniture would you recommend for weddings?

You can complete the look of your sophisticated wedding with Furniture Hire UK. To go with the tables we can offer you the Banquet Chair With White Cover. This chair is perfect for weddings as it already comes with the cover so there is no need to source covers from anywhere else.

The covers will give of a very elegant vibe and will help to create the wedding atmosphere. The chair cover comes complete with a bow which can be chosen from our range of different colours so can be picked to match your colour scheme. The Banquet Chair with White Cover is available to hire for the great price of £3.50 per week.

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