Organise your Office

Organised Office

How can I increase my Office Storage?

Furniture Hire UK offer an extensive range of storage solutions that can help you instantly create a tidy office environment. This includes a range of high quality bookcases, cupboards and filing cabinets that provide ample space for you to store paperwork, stationary or decorative items. Our range of furniture is extremely stylish and will fit perfectly into any office environment whatever the current theme.

High Quality Filing Cabinets

Great, what are the advantages of your filing cabinets?

Our high quality filing cabinets have a multitude of advantages. Firstly our smart filing cabinets can be hired with either two or four drawers so you can choose the right product to suit your storage needs.

Our filing cabinets are extremely robust and feature a 40kg suspension file carrying capacity per drawer so you don’t have to be concerned about stability when filing up the drawers with important folders. The anti-tilt locking mechanism also adds to creating a secure storage space for your paperwork to be stored.

Are they practical?

Yes, we are aware that accessibility is important in busy office environments so these cabinets feature 100% drawer extension so even files stored at the very back of the drawers can be easily retrieved.

An a4 version of this product is also available and staff will be more than happy to supply you with details surrounding this product if you give us a call. Additionally this filing cabinet can quickly allow you to turn a messy office space into a tidy, organized environment that will impress visitors and guests, as in a competitive corporate environment first impression is everything.

Advantages of Furniture Hire

Why is furniture hire a good option?

Furniture hire is increasingly popular way of allowing you to renovate your office cheaply and easily. For example our four drawer filing cabinet is available at just £11.50! We offer fast and effective delivery tailored to you so if you find your self in need of storage space urgently we can always help!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to give us a call and staff will always answer them to the best of their ability. Additionally, furniture hire is an excellent option as it allows you hire in both the long and short term. So if you are looking to add extra office storage to your office, consult our stylish office furniture hire range today, allowing your office to be up to date, stylish and tidy. Ordering is also extremely easy, as you can do this online or by phone.