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I am planning a wedding for a client and need to source some furniture, can you help?

At Furniture Hire UK, we have a refined and hand selected range of wedding furniture especially for this type of need. We have worked with wedding planners in the past and have a good understanding of what types of furniture work well.

The wedding range that we offer is also highly affordable to keep your costs down but can be made to look extremely beautiful and stylish for any type of wedding. The adaptable nature of wedding planning means that we offer the most basic of furniture options that you can then have your own input into customizing especially for your client.

That sounds perfect, what type of tables do you offer in particular?

We offer a great deal of options in terms of tables, chairs and bar furniture. We aim to provide you with the options to make the best wedding reception of the year! Our tables come in various dimensions and sizes; our 1830mm Circular Banqueting Table gives you enough space for 10 people at a table, and the circular nature means that everyone on the table is able to converse and provides a really nice atmosphere at a wedding.

Sometimes your neighbour on the table will be completely unknown to you beforehand but the circular table offers great social inclusion for all at the table. On the other hand, our 1830mm Rectangular Table is great for serving food, or a buffet, or for a head table where the bride and groom are sitting. With all our tables, we recommend that you order linen separately as our tables have unfinished surfaces.  

And what type of chairs would I pair with this?

Well once again, we offer the classic White Banqueting Chair which is definitely a favourite on the website. It has a wide variety of colour options for the bow that is tied around the back, and is aesthetically very pleasing. Unquestionably it is a classic chair for a wedding, yet its highly customisable, something that is perfect for you to be able to respond intuitively to your clients requirements.

What type of bars do you offer and how much would they cost?

Our most affordable bar, the Rectangular White Bar is £280 for a week’s rental; this can be paired up with a variety of bar chairs. Our most expensive bar though is the Semi Circular Colour Illuminating Bar which is £700 a week. This may seem expensive but it really adds a vibrancy and sophisticated, chic appearance to the wedding and can become a real focal point.

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