Furniture To Hire For Your Dream Wedding

Furniture For Weddings

Does Furniture Hire UK have suitable furniture to hire for a wedding?

At furniture Hire UK we specialise in a number of different areas of furniture hire. One of these areas is for wedding furniture hire. We have everything you need to host the perfect wedding for your guests. Hiring furniture from us is a particularly good idea if you are trying to save money by decorating your own venue. We have all the furniture you will need at great prices, which will result in the cost of you big day being much less than if you were to hire an all included venue. You will want to make sure that your guests are seated comfortably but you will also want your weddings to look stylish and smart.

What table is best for my wedding?


Our 1830mm Circular Banqueting Table will be ideal for your wedding day as it can accommodate up to 10 people. This will be perfect as your guests will be able to interact easily without having to shout down the length of a table in order to have conversations. The 1830mm Circular Banqueting Table is fully collapsible and stackable which is brilliant for alter on in the night when you want to clear some space for the dancing to take over.

This table has an unfinished surface so that you are able to decorate them with whatever you please. To make this easier for you tablecloths can also be ordered from the website. You can hire the 1830mm Circular Banqueting Table for only £3.41 per week. Hiring by the week means you have lots of time to set up and decorate the tables to create you dream wedding.

Do you have any other Wedding Furniture I could hire?

Furniture Hire UK is here to help you take the stress away from your wedding. We can supply all the furniture you need in order to host you big day. If you are also looking for chairs then why not hire the Banquet Chair with White Cover.

This chair will create an elegant and sophisticated look for your wedding. The chair will be come complete with a cover and a bow. The bows are available in a number of different colours so can be matched to your wedding theme perfectly. You can hire the Banquet Chair with White Cover for the amazing price of only £3.50 per week.

To find out more about all the wedding furniture we have to offer, why not give us a ring today on 0844 567 5744, or alternatively you can log onto our website to see all of the furniture we have to offer you.

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