Perfect Furniture for a School Ball

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Do you have any furniture suitable for School Ball?

Yes we do! With the end of the school year quickly approaching, many of you will be planning an end of year ball or banquet. This event may be one of your last ever school events so you will want it to be extra special. The event will be extra impressive and leave more of a lasting mark in peoples minds if you choose the right location and setting.

Choosing the right furniture is also a massive part of this. At Furniture Hire UK we have a selection of Banquet furniture that is specifically for this purpose. We will be able to provide you with the perfect furniture for your event and help you ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day. Essential to your ball will be tables. You may have a large number of people attending, so you will want to hire tables for as cheaply as possible. One of our most popular choice of banquet table is the 1525mm Circular Banqueting table which comes at the great price of up to only £6.50 per week.

The 1525mm Circular Banqueting Table is ideal for your ball or banquet as it is so versatile to use. It can be used with or without linen, and can be decorated any way to want to suit the style of your event. The table is easy and quick to set up for minimum hassle. It can also be collapsed easily which makes this the perfect option as you will be able to collapse the tables to make room for dancing at the end of the night.

Even better, the 1525mm Circular Banqueting Table is stackable, so you will easily be able to stack the tables away in the corner to allow even more space for dancing. This particular table will seat up to eight people, but if you are looking to fit more people on each table we also have the option of the 1830mm Circular Banqueting Table which will easily seat up to ten people.

Complementary Products

Do you have any other furniture that would look good at our ball?

To complete the look of your elegant event it would be a great idea to also hire chairs from us. The perfect option for you would be the Banquet Chair with White Cover. This chair can also be hired with a black cover instead of the white so you will find something to suit your event perfectly. The chair also comes with a bow which gives it a very elegant and expensive look finish. To hire these pieces of furniture log onto our website at


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