The Birth Of Drive-In Raves

The Birth Of Drive-In Raves

Since the pandemic started in 2020 the world has been coming up with new, unique ideas so people can still enjoy life in a socially distanced way. 

Unfortunately many entertainment venues closed temporarily or even permanently in some cases meaning people have been missing out on live music performances, nightlife, sport events, theatre performances therefore a lot of people are desperate to go to these types of events again. 

Germany was very inventive and was the first country to host drive-in raves. The event had a festival stage equipped with a full soundsystem, laser lights, strobe lights, smoke machines and fire just like any other gig. Except it was hosted in the car park of Club Index in the town of Schuttorf with 250 cars. A maximum of 2 people per vehicle were allowed to enjoy the event. DJ’s Nitefield and Devin Wild played and posted video clips of their sets which have gone viral. 

Despite the performers admitting interaction with the ‘crowd’ was challenging, some people started to push their horns which gave them great feedback and from that point they learnt how to communicate with the audience and could turn the event into something really personal. 

The audience could listen to the stage sound system as well as tuning into an internet broadcast of the music. 

Are you a club or music venue? Do you have a car park on site or a local one you could have access to? Why not consider hosting a drive-in event?  Furniture Hire UK have an amazing stock of crowd control barriers, stretch barriers and stretch barrier sign holders.  

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