10 Easy Steps to Create the Perfect Event

10 Easy Steps to Create the Perfect Event

Event Furniture Hire - What's Your Event?

We’re fortunate to work on so many amazing events – that not one is the same as the next. Every event is unique, requiring a different selection of furniture. Our event furniture category caters to near enough every function you can think of. These include:


Corporate Events

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Parties and Celebrations

Concerts and Music Festivals

Outdoor Events

Film and TV Productions

Fundraisers and Galas

Conferences and Conventions

Sports Events and Tournaments


Art Exhibitions

Pop-Up Shops

Graduations and School Events

Cultural and Community Events

Healthcare and Medical Conferences

Food and Wine Festivals

Fashion Shows

Product Launches

Charity Auctions

Religious Ceremonies and Celebrations


10 easy steps to create the perfect event

Creating the most memorable event with furniture hire involves careful planning and attention to detail. Here are ten steps to help you achieve exactly this;

1. Define Your Event Goals and Theme:

Begin by clarifying the objectives of your event and the theme you want to convey. Understanding the purpose and ambiance you want to create will guide your furniture choices and allow our hire experts to guide you exactly to the products which will suit the most.

2. Budget Allocation:

Determine your budget for hiring event chairs and furniture. Allocate funds based on your event's priorities, such as seating, tables, and decor.

3. Venue Selection and Inspection:

Choose a suitable venue and conduct a site visit to assess the space and layout. Note any specific requirements, restrictions, or measurements that will impact your furniture choices. Whilst our team will always ask about access to a venue, the more information we can collectively input onto our system, the better.

4. Create a Furniture Inventory:

Make a comprehensive list of the furniture you'll need, including chairs, tables, lounge seating, decorative items, and any specialized furniture for your event type.

5. Research and Choose a Furniture Rental Company:

Obviously we’re bias – but we’ve included this point in our list as we know how important it is. We’re happy to match like for like quotes – so here’s our promise, right now.

6. Consultation with our Rental Experts:

We love to discuss your event vision, layout, and any specific needs. This discussion will allow us to provide valuable recommendations and help you plan effectively.

7. Design and Layout Planning:

Create a detailed layout plan that includes the placement of furniture, flow of traffic, and designated areas for various activities. If you need a hand with this, our CAD expert will happily assist for a small extra charge. Ensure the design aligns with your event goals and theme. Most events are a long time in the planning and we know this only too well.

8. Ask lots of Questions and Review our Contracts and Terms:

We don’t try to hide anything in the small print – but T&C’s are necessary. We openly send a helpful Delivery Guide which reminds you, our client, of all the smaller details, paying close attention to delivery and pickup schedules, payment terms, and damage policies. How else do we take care of our furniture otherwise.

9. Coordinate Delivery and Setup:

As soon as you become our client, we work closely with you to coordinate the delivery and setup of the furniture at the event venue. One of our team members will confirm delivery times, nearer the day and one account managers will be present on-site to supervise the setup if necessary.

10. Quality Control and Final Touches:

Before the event begins, we encourage our clients to inspect all rented furniture to ensure it meets your standards for cleanliness and quality. Add any final decorative touches to complete the desired ambiance and there you have it – THE PERFECT EVENT!

As your furniture rental supplier, we know how crucial effective communication and collaboration is throughout the planning process. Sometimes, things can go wrong – but we believe it’s how a problem is dealt with which defines one supplier from another. We hope you’ll allow us to be your event provider, creating memorable, successful and unforgettable events time and time again.

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