Our Stretch Barriers Installed At Premiership Football Club

Our Stretch Barriers Installed At Premiership Football Club

We recently visited a premiership football club to see how handy our barriers are for crowd management. As you can see from the photos, the event on the large, busy was the perfect occasion for 160 of our chrome stretch barriers.

Crowd managment for Premier visitors

Football clubs and our chrome stretch barriers are one of the most popular venue and hire furniture combinations that we come across, and we recently popped along to a premiership club to see our crowd control barriers in action.

Stretch barriers installed in top football club

As the sun began setting over this top-rated London football club, an event being held at the location was only just kicking off. Although it wasn’t a match day, it wasn’t hard to imagine the roaring crowds and vibrant atmosphere created when the team concerned plays at home. With world class players that regularly make the news, this venue exudes a celebrity-like atmosphere that makes it a great location for many different kinds of occasions.

Onsite facilities, like restaurants, bars and reminders of the premiership players that regularly pit their skills against each other on the turf, make this a very unique place for functions. When our customers are expecting large crowds they often request our stretch barriers, with a variety available. On this occasion, our client ordered 160 of our chrome stretch barriers, which were installed in-front of the venue.

Queueing has never been so easy

The main purpose of our stretch barriers is to give our clients a way to manage crowds at their functions. As you can see from our photos, they were set up to show where visitors to the event ought to queue. This gives all people waiting for entry to the location an idea of how close they are, and makes sure that queues don’t become chaotic and wind in different directions, which could cause some confusion!

Another great use for our chrome stretch barrier at this event, was space utilisation. Instead of long lengthy, straight lines the posts were set up in parallel formation, so the area immediately in front of the venue could host more visitors as they waited. Stretch barriers can be used in this way for every kind of function, which is fantastic when you’re limited on space, or you may have a venue with lots of different areas where people may queue, such as for tickets, refreshments and entry into halls/rooms.

Stretch barriers for indoors and outdoors

For this client, our chrome stretch barriers were installed outside, and they are robust and durable enough to perform just as well outdoors as they are indoors. The blue webbing extends to 2.2 metres and is made from high grade materials, while the heavy duty chrome post features a weather resistant finish. Thanks to the design of the base, our chrome stretch barriers are easy to stack and store too.

As well as our chrome stretch barriers, you can also choose our new black stretch barriers for your events. These look very classy and stylish thanks to the product’s black post and webbing, and are also a great choice when you’d like to install crowd control furniture at your functions. Like our chrome barriers, these are designed using top quality materials, resulting in strong webbing that can be extended and retracted in seconds, as well as a stable base.

Give venues some glitz and glamour

For ultimate glamour then we have a range of other crowd management products that complement the most sophisticated venues around the county. Our ropes and poles, with the highly polished chrome base and braided ropes transform any venue into a VIP location, and when twinned with our red carpet all you guests will feel like stars!

We can deliver your barriers tomorrow!

To order your stretch barriers, ropes and poles or red carpet just visit our website today. Here you can select all the items you need, as well as authorise payment and set up your next day delivery wherever you live in the UK.