Robots At The NHS!

Robots At The NHS!

This summer our NHS turns 67 years old, and it continues to perform world firsts and be one of the biggest employers in the world.

Screens For The Recruitment Team

It’s likely that all of us in the country have accessed NHS services at some point. The organisation often brings us into the world and cares for us during our most vulnerable moments. We were proud to recently help out with University College Hospital’s recruitment day, supplying black pinboard screens, which you can see in photos here.

Think You Know Our NHS…?

The NHS is such a familiar service to many of us, we might feel like we know everything about it, like the fact it started in 1948 and that it’s a mostly free service. But we find some lesser-known facts about this institution that shows how amazing it is!

1. Busy Bees

Being responsible for the health care needs of nearly an entire population of the UK is something the NHS doesn’t take lightly. There are many services we can use, from urgent care, to routine health checks and maternity clinics, to name but a few. It’s no wonder that statistics published by NHS choices show that one million patients are being treated by the NHS every 36 hours - keep up the good work!

2. Silicon Surgeons

In 2010, the NHS completed a world first when a robotic arm was used to give 70-year-old Kenneth Crocker heart surgery. The successful operation was carried out at Leicestershire's Glenfield Hospital, showing how our national institution has access to the latest technology and isn’t afraid to use it.

3. Flying High

There are always policies that aim to develop and evolve the NHS, and we think a statistic from the organisation shows how well it’s performing. A study by the Commonwealth Fund compared health care systems in a range of countries - including the US, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand - with our over own NHS being named as the second most impressive out of the list.

4. Living Longer...

A further statistic from the organisation reveals men and women are living around ten years longer now as compared to the time before the NHS was invented. This can be down to many different factors, from prevention of illness, to improved treatments and a bigger institution in general.

5. Job Done

It’s easy to see how the NHS is one of the biggest employers in the country, but did you know it’s one of the largest in the whole world and is only smaller than some of the biggest corporations, such as the Chinese Liberation’s Army, Walmart and India’s railway system. It makes sense that an organisation as large as our NHS is also one of the biggest employers with one in 23 people in the UK working population working for the NHS.