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Key features:
  • Large 1200mm wide screen
  • Suitable for pinning posters
  • Black finish
  • Sturdy room divider
  • Create privacy in seconds
Our measurements are there to help you plan your event - however if you need help making the most of your space then contact us to find more about our professional CAD planning service!
  • Height:

    1800 mm
  • Width:

    1200 mm
  • Weight:

    22.00 kg

The importance of pins!

You really get your money’s worth when furniture hire products are versatile - and we’re delighted to reveal an exciting new line of screens that will prove invaluable for many of your functions - introducing our freestanding pinboard!


  • Freestanding screens you can use pins on
  • 1200mm wide x 1800mm high - perfect for exhibition spaces
  • Premium quality for a professional look

Key benefits:

When you have a room divider that is also a pin board, you can not only create any spaces you need for exhibits, office cubicles or private booths for meetings, you’re also free to display relevant info to your event. This could take many forms - including branding. Branding is essential and is an effective way to get across the main message of your company. By using slogans and images, you can highlight the professional image of your business and give potential customers a very positive impression of your company.

Make an entrance...

For events, many businesses like to install branding from the very moment that delegates and guests enter premises. Now you have somewhere to place lots of promotional material, such as posters, when you select our freestanding pinboard screens. Setting up our pinboards at the entrance to your occasion, within the venue and on other high profile areas - such as stages - means your branding can be prominently displayed where everyone is able to see it.

This feature is great on a smaller scale too, so when individual exhibitors to your event want to reveal more about their company, services and offers, they can simply pin this kind of information to our pinboard screens. Giving those attending your events the option to personalise their exhibition spaces means they can tailor cubicles to their needs, and this is also true for meetings and conferences too.

Meetings that are memorable

Sometimes all you may require from room dividers is the smooth, blank space offered by our freestanding screens, and the lack of material pinned to them can look very smart and professional. But when you’d like to put up information, promotional material and other kinds of data, then our freestanding pinboards are perfect.

Offices are a prime location for this product, simply because of all the paperwork that’s often generated throughout the working day. This is also true of meetings, and having a space for brainstorming, talking through objectives, marketing campaigns and other activities can ensure your meetings go well and get teams collaborating really well together.

Relocation, relocation

Being sturdy you can rely on our freestanding pinboards to be steady at all times, and although they stay where you put them, they’re also straightforward to relocate to other parts of your venue. If you need an exhibition space one day, then a larger meeting room the next, with smaller breakout zones the following day, you’re able to achieve all this with our freestanding pinable screens. If you don't require a pinning surface then you also have the option to rent our black or blue freestanding screens, which are the same size.

Typical uses:

Meetings, conferences, exhibitions, product launches, offices, presentations and receptions.


How are these different from your freestanding screens?

Our freestanding pinable screens have one very important difference as compared with our other range of screens. The one you see above is especially designed for pinning, so you’re able to put up leaflets, info, branding and other posters/paperwork in your booth, cubicle and exhibition space.

Can you help us set them up and arrange them in our venue?

Yes, that’s no problem at all. We offer an optional full installation service, which means we can set up every item of hire furniture you order, and put it in the right place!

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