Welcome to Amsterdam Day 1

Welcome to Amsterdam Day 1

Below, Charlotte gives us the low down from her exciting and adventurous trip to Amsterdam. Being part of the Hire Association Europe is a great way to be part of a strong group, all working together in the interests of the hire industry. HAE organised a visit for members to visit Amsterdam, and obtain a greater understanding of the events and hire industry in The Netherlands.

Day 1 - Meet & Greet

After a quick flight and cab journey we arrive at our hotel, meeting with other companies who are part of the HAE and those joining us on our adventures of The Netherlands. I am introduced to large names within the event hire industry, and immediately enthused from talking to people in the same industry as us and by how friendly everybody is. It is always important to grow together and work together- which is why the Hire Association is great to be a part of!

The Hire Industry Meet in Amsterdam

After a few introductions and a couple of drinks, we head to a restaurant where we have a bite to eat together. A traditional Dutch restaurant was the perfect environment for us all to relax, and get to know each other more. There was a great ambiance in the restaurant and we all sat around a large low table to eat dinner.

The first evening was a great way to network, talk more about the industry, and get to know each other and our individual businesses. I had never spoken to anyone directly in the same industry as us, so I was completed fascinated meeting new people, throwing ideas around and discussing the industry as a whole. It made me feel part of a group rather than an individual, creating a strong realisation that it is important to work together in order for our industry to grow.