Want To Save Money In Seconds? Try Our Price Match Guarantee

Want To Save Money In Seconds? Try Our Price Match Guarantee

When we say we offer unbeatable furniture hire prices - this is exactly what we mean, and you only have to try our price match guarantee to get the best quote around.

Beat it!

Our permanently low prices take some beating, but we still want to do everything we can to give our customers the lowest furniture rental deal possible. We do this by matching other quotes and this flexibility on our rates can save you lots of money.

How low can we go?

Your budget is precious and we aim to do everything possible to get you all the top quality furniture hire products you need, for the most cost effective price. Our entire service is designed to offer the highest levels of customer care, from our easy-to-use website, to our same/next day deliveries, and our prices too! Costs are often the major consideration when our clients are organising their events, and it can really sway how decisions are made.

Low prices for all ranges

For that reason we offer a wide selection of products, from budget ranges that include very practical and economically priced items - such as our white folding fan back and poly chairs - to our premium deluxe executive manager’s seat for example. You can choose the item that suits your event and pocket the most. As mentioned above, prices for every single product we stock are kept permanently low, and we also offer further deals when you place large orders - with the cost for each item reducing the more you order.

Want to save money in seconds?

This is one way we keep your furniture hire order as cost effective as possible, another way is to offer our price match guarantee. Perhaps you’ve looked around and been quoted for similar items - but costs appear to be lower than ours… well we can help you to save money by matching our prices to the lower amount. All you need to do is send us the quote - yes, it’s really that easy!

Why we’re quote winners...

Part of the reason our quotes are often the winning ones is that you’re getting much more than the best furniture hire deal around - you actually getting a comprehensive service, that includes same and next day delivery to your location - and we can also set up all your furniture and take it down after your event has finished. It’s these extra conveniences that make choosing our quotes so easy and affordable for our customers.

Low delivery rates - all day every day...

We’ve made sure that every aspect of our service is as budget friendly as possible, including our deliveries, with our weekend rates exactly the same as our weekly rates in many areas of the UK. Thanks to our large fleet and transport team we can transport your furniture hire order to you quickly and cheaply, with nationwide next day delivery available across the UK, and a same day service also in operation.

The Small Print

Why not save money on your furniture hire today by opting for our price match promise. All we require is a like-for-like quotation and - subject to availability - we’ll match it for you! Special offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other deals we’re currently running.

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