Obtain your FREE Sample Today

Obtain your FREE Sample Today

Three Top Reasons To Get Our Furniture Hire Samples

To make sure our corporate customers get the best furniture hire items for their events and venues we put lots of information about our range on our website, from photos, to wireframe measurements and videos. Now we’ve gone one step further and are currently offering free furniture samples to businesses!

It’s really important to get the right product for you, and because every event is different your furniture hire requirements are totally unique too. What you require from a chair that you intend to use long term in an office will differ from seating for outdoor celebrations for example, so we’ve put together our top three reasons why opting for our free furniture hire sample service could benefit you.

1. Get Up Close

The web is now one of the main ports of call when people are looking for goods and services, making it essential that customers are well informed when they’re looking for items or suppliers. As we’re fully e-commerce we’ve built our website to offer as much information about our furniture hire range as possible. From our photos, in-depth descriptions and videos featuring our products you get to see how they look and perform!

All this really helps when it comes to ordering items from us, but now you can actually get up close with our range by opting for our free sample service. When you want to see our products in-person, we’ll deliver them to your company premises free of charge - that’s right, totally free, and you can get a real-life perspective on the products you’d like to hire.

2. Test it - try it

Seeing our products in this way means you get an in-person view of the texture and finishes of our ranges. In addition to this, you get to try our items out in the location where you intend to use them. Our sales agents are really experienced when it comes to helping our customers choose the best chairs, tables and desks etc for their functions.

For example, they can suggest which seats go best with particular tables, and give you tips on choosing the right size furniture for your venue - we even have an in-house CAD expert. Selecting our free sample service means you can try out our products for yourself - perhaps you’d like to see exactly how comfortable our leather manager’s chairs are for example, or maybe you’d like to try all the features of our high back boffa chair yourself… well now you can!

3.  Easier to Envisage

You no longer need to imagine what you office may look like with some of our light oak folding desks, or whether the executive boardroom table suits your office, now you can try these, and any other items, out for real. The look and texture of an item is important, as are a product’s features, but when we deliver samples to your business premises, then you also get a crucial overall impression of what your selections look like.

You might find that you actually prefer the light oak finish of our modular tables, instead of using covered banquet tables for conference for example - the possibilities are endless when you opt for our no obligation free sample furniture hire service!