70 Years Ago Today…

70 Years Ago Today…

Once again our furniture hire range is in the presence of royalty and many other very important, brave and admirable people from across the world who have gathered at Normandy for the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landings.

A very important mission

Travelling all the way from our London depot to France, we’re honoured our white folding fan back chairs and banqueting tables are being used for a lunch remembering the unbridled bravery and unbreakable spirit of those soldiers involved in the battle.

Remembering brave troops

A momentous and key turning point in World War II, June 6th 1944 is the day 156,000 allied troops landed in Normandy in what is still classed as the largest ever seaborne mission. Soldiers from several nations, including the US, Canada and the UK stormed the beaches in a brutal battle that helped break Hitler’s hold within France.

A staggering 4,000 troops are believed to have died that first day when they came under-fire from German snipers and bombers, and as well as remembering the bravery and courage of the soldiers, world leaders have gathered in the region to honour those that both survived and lost their lives in this historic event.

Lunch for the landings

The Queen, Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, as well as Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are just some of the guests joining the 650 veterans who have travelled from the UK for the remembrance weekend. There are many events taking place to mark the landings, including red arrow displays and re-enactments of the day. There are also quiet moments of reflection for surviving soldiers who stood on the beaches remembering the chaos of that early dawn mission on June 6th 1944 as they fought to reach safety under bombing and very heavy fire.

Seating for very special guests

Events are taking place to remember fallen and surviving soldiers and the instrumental impact the battle had on Hitler’s hold in the region, which helped contribute to the end of World War II.

World leaders and major politicians, including David Cameron, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and many others are attending services to remember that fateful day. We’re very proud our banqueting tables and folding fan back chairs are being used for such an important lunch honouring veterans and their fallen comrades.

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