Stools You Can Land A Plane On...

Stools You Can Land A Plane On...

Walnut stools with low backs have recently joined our furniture hire portfolio - so what can this new super sleek seat bring to your event/location?

We’ve got your back

Stools are in the news for all kinds of reasons, one was recently used to help land a US fighter jet on a naval ship after the landing gear failed to descend, a potentially fatal situation! Instead of landing the plane using the length of the ship’s runway, the talented pilot hovered above the stool, bringing the huge jet down safely on to the specially made piece of equipment.

For your style emergencies…

Now, our stools may not be built for these kinds of emergency situations, but they do provide somewhere comfy and stylish to park yourself at all kinds of events. Here are our top three reasons why our new walnut stools with low backs might be making an appearance at an event near you!

1. Stand out light a landing light?

Furniture hire products need to be practical, but they can also be super stylish too. We have a range of stool rental items that really attract the eye, from our black leather stools with high/medium back to our medium back walnut stools. We think our walnut stool with low back has all the chic decadence you might require, and then some! This is down to the rich walnut finish, as well as the undulating curves of the seat itself. Rather than a high back, the back on this one is placed lower, complementing the overall shape of the seat and adding to its sophisticated look.

The chrome trumpet base and footrest accentuate this even more, meaning this new product is perfect for all those classy locations, from VIP bars, executive lounges, premium hotels, corporate conferences and lots of other premises where a smart and decadent look is important.

2. Not quite ejection seats - but they are adjustable!

As we hinted above, furniture hire products need to be practical and functional as well as nice to look at. Our walnut stool with low back have several features that boost the comfort of the product, so your guests not only relax on fantastic looking stools, but comfy ones too. The seat is height adjustable via a simple lever, so visitors of smaller and larger heights are able to adapt it to their requirements with ease. The footrest is another benefit to this product and gives guests extra support while they’re seated.

3. Smart enough for the jet set...

Because our walnut stool with low back joins lots of our other furniture hire products, it can be ordered as part of a ‘set’ if you prefer. For example, you might want classy cocktail tables to go with the stools for a corporate reception - then why not order our walnut poseur tables. Perhaps you’re designing networking areas, and require soft seating and low tables in addition to our poseur tables? Our black tub chairs and walnut coffee tables are a great choice here.

We have an increasingly wider selection of furniture hire products to choose from, for elegant parties, corporate conferences, funky bar openings and contemporary gallery events - take a look and see, although we don’t advise landing any jets on our range!