The Four Nations - As You’ve Never Seen It Before

The Four Nations - As You’ve Never Seen It Before

Normally linked with rugby- there was a very different four nations comp going on recently that we think you’ll never have seen before!

Ecommerce for esports...

Sport is a very broad term, and we think that it recently became even broader following a huge UK-based event that we supplied hire furniture to. Attracting avid gamers from as far afield as Canada and Australia, this was truly a global event with around 40,000 people estimated to have turned up, some of whom were vying for a share of the £7,500 prize pot for a tournament.

What every esporting event needs:

1. Get motoring

Every sport calls for a different selection of skills, from sheer strength and speed to those requiring more fine motor skills, such as snooker, target shooting and gaming! It can take just as many years and hours of practice to hone and develop these skills to a high level, whether competitors are trying to score goals on the pitch, or from their seats via gaming.

Game’s on

Our client definitely chose the right product when it came to keeping gamers comfy throughout competitions that could net them thousands of pounds in prize money. We transported 1240 black stacking chairs to the arena so guests could sit comfortably during contests. This chair rental product is a perfect choice for this event thanks to the premium upholstery included in the seat and the seat back, which provides support for many hours.

2. Lean on me

As well as contests, visitors to the three day extravaganza got to compete and much more too. They could try out new versions of classic and well-loved games, attend panel discussions and meet & greet those making an impact on the international gaming scene. For many of these activities chair hire is a great way to provide affordable and convenient seating, but tables are also very important, so there’s plenty of room for competing, trying out new games and holding meet & greets too.

Top tables

Our client choose a mixture of banqueting and modular tables, which each have their own strengths. The 1800mm modular table features premium quality 25mm melamine with an attractive light oak finish. Folding legs ensure they can be set up in just a few seconds, and this combined with the modern look means they’re a popular choice for events where you’d like smart table rental. Our 1830mm rectangular banqueting tables are just as straightforward to set up, and because they are lighter, they can be easily transported around venues, and once the unfinished surface is covered they also look smart and chic.

3. Watch and learn…

Big events often require crowd control mechanisms as a health and safety protocol. There are other reasons why you might want to cordon off specific areas of your venue, perhaps you’d like to create VIP areas, red carpet entrances, or you’re displaying precious exhibits. Our recent client selected 70 chrome barriers, from our stretch barrier rental range. A great way to show spectators where to stand during nail biting tournaments, our barriers are sturdy, robust and add a glam vibe to events, thanks to their chrome post and blue webbing.

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