Is That YOUR Head In A Jar?

Is That YOUR Head In A Jar?

Watch out April, there’s a new pranking day on your heels, and we think these are some of the funniest pranks around!

Gruesome giggles

Every year on the 1st of April, lots of us prepare to be fooled in some way by cunning tricksters, but we think that Halloween is another day where you might just fall for a prank, or get involved in some yourself. You don’t have to spend loads to get a giggle on Friday, in fact some of the following are simple and some just feature a piece of furniture.

1. Put your hands up

This prank is a bit different to all the others… because the joke actually fell on the trickster himself. News stories revealed that a US party-goer dressed as an armed robber decided to pop out and buy a coffee in the middle of the night part-way through a party. Completely forgetting he was wearing a costume, which featured a mask, bandana and fake rifle, he must have got a bit of a shock when the barista called the police who turned up to greet him.

2. A serial snack

Horror films tell us that a serial killer’s fridge is the last place that you would ever find a tasty snack, as they’re usually the place for some pretty disgusting things. When you’d like a particularly gruesome trick to play on your colleagues or family - we have the perfect one for you. Basically this prank makes it look like your head is in a jar, and all you need is a jar big enough for a head, a camera, cling film, some top quality photographic paper and food colouring - and a fridge to get that serial killer vibe.

Briefly place some cling film over your face for a ‘squashy’ look, take a photo using the panoramic settings, and print on the paper. Fill the jar with water, add food colouring of your choice then slip in your self-portrait… hey presto - your head in a jar!

3. Terrifying tables

Want an even simpler prank? Then this couldn’t be more easy, and one we like as it shows just how versatile furniture can be. All you need is someone who’s sleeping, a coffee table and a loud scream. The table is placed over the slumberer and this is when you gear up your voicebox - one loud scream ought to do it, as the person wakes, face-to-face to a table. Stick on a photo of something suitably ghoulish to the underside of the table to add to the Halloween vibe.

4. Peep outside

Another super simple prank is inspired by the movie Disturbia, where lead actor Shia LaBeouf is housebound, so takes an interest in watching his neighbours. All this requires is a poster of the actor, or anyone else you prefer, cut around their body and stick this to a window, so the person is facing inwards. A brilliant location is ground-floor windows where your pranking victims will get a bit of a fright when they pull back their curtains/blinds to see ‘someone’ peering in - top marks go for real frighteners like Freddy Krueger or a cut out of the scream mask!