Want To Own CBB's Talking Furniture?

Want To Own CBB's Talking Furniture?

The nation recently a glimpse of talking furniture, but we’ve discovered that these aren’t the only items that have ‘hidden’ powers!

Top Five Future Furniture Stocks?

We supply a great range of versatile hire furniture, but anyone would get a bit of furniture-envy looking at the below items!

Celebrity furniture

Last week, the seventh season of Celebrity Big Brother kicked off, and ads featured talking furniture. This year’s show is sponsored by Gumtree who recently advertised for used items for the house, which will later be sold. Adverts will also include these ‘stars’ - who knows, they may out-perform some of the celebs?

Viewers got to see a talking kettle, chairs and other items, which got us to thinking about the most versatile furnishings on the market - and here’s our top list.

1. Most comfy TV dinners

Not a new product but still a genius idea are bedframes with integrated flatscreen TVs. There’s no moving around to get comfy on sofas, arranging cushions or pulling remotes from between them - just sit back in bed and relax. Possibly the the cosiest, most comfortable and easiest way to watch our favourite programmes and dine at the same time, we think TV beds will continue to be a big hit.

2. Bored with boards?

Domestic chores are called chores for a reason, and if you’d like to make them slightly different we think you’d enjoy the Madame est Servie. Basically this is a top quality ironing board that transforms into a mirror. The logic behind it is that we can quickly check if our clothes are wrinkle free after ironing - and our faces too I suppose?

3. Cycle AT work…

Lots of workplaces offer cycle to work schemes, helping out with the cost of bikes and accessories. But how do you fancy cycling while you’re at work - or more specifically, at your desk? A common sense idea if you don’t have time to make the gym or simply like being in the saddle while you get on with work tasks. The Pin It table features a full-sized bike integrated into a desk - just save some energy for the journey home!

4. It’s getting hot in here!

You don’t have to own a large property to install a sauna where our next product is concerned. If you’ve ever want to sweat it out in style but don’t have much room, then the Badkast will interest you. This is a sauna that doubles as a wardrobe - and is designed for high heats, remember to take your clothes out first though.

5. Heating or seating?

Another product that involves heat is a seat designed by Jeroen Wesselink. There’s no need to be chilly while you sit down, as this gives off heat via its metal tubing arranged in a zig-zag style. We’ve yet to stock chairs that are also radiators, or that talk, but we have a huge variety of types in stock for all your occasions!