Put The Pig In Pig-nic

Put The Pig In Pig-nic

Picnics are about food and fun, and we’ve discovered some very novel ways of really spicing up your outdoor eating this spring and summer…

Get set for summer!

As the sun shines for a bit longer and the weather gets warmer, we start to see more orders for our outdoor furniture, such as our chrome poseur tables and aluminium stools. We’ve just added a brand new picnic set to this range, so you have practical, weatherproof and affordable seating and tabling for all those outdoor occasions, such as picnics, festivals, fairs, corporate barbecues, camping and more!

Picnics are great events, they’re affordable, give you the chance to bask in some sun and are often accompanied by tasty treats. If you really want to ensure your event stands out, why not try some of these suggestions...

Scots service

Scotland is made for those outdoor occasions. It offers scenic glens, sparkling lochs and towering mountains as backdrops in many parts of the country. In order for visitors to get the most from their outdoor eating, VisitScotland has teamed up with Forest Holidays to provide picnic butlers in two areas of the country.

1. Find-your-own

As well as bringing a whole host of tasty local snacks to visitors - such as smoked salmon, cream cheese bagels and oat cakes - the butler will also offer tips on spotting local wildlife, outdoor survival and foraging - you might not even need to bring your own food if you come across some natural treats!

2. Fancy a pig-nic

Pigs are only usually present at picnics as part of a sandwich or meal! This is all set to change due to a partnership between Pet Piggies and Yelp. Together they are organising pig picnics in London, which invite people to enjoy some food while also getting the chance to meet some supercute micropigs. The initiative is meant to provide unusual and fun events, while also educating guests on the reality of owning these porkers as pets.

3. Are you turf-enough?

When you eat outdoors, it’s not unusual for things to get a little messy. There might not be enough plates or cutlery so we put food on tables, blankets and then clearing up has it’s own challenges as kitchens are generally miles away.

The best thing to do is to sit down and get into the swing of it. Buying the right equipment might help, and we just love these completely washable faux grass placemats we came across - perfect for those outdoor parties! Don’t forget that our picnic sets have a waterproof and easy-to-clean surface, so spills are super easy to wipe up too.

4. Wooden that be nice…

A new wood picnic set has hit the news recently because it transforms from a box into a table with four chairs. Part of the reason it has captured attention, is because of the fact it unfolds. We like to think we’re bang on-trend here, because this is exactly what our new picnic sets do.

A fantastic fit

When folded, the seating fits neatly into the table and is light and straightforward to move. In hardly any time at all, the entire set can be installed and ready for use, what’s more they won’t mind a bit of rain - perfect for British summer picnics!