Our InviSeat - The Chair You Can’t See

Our InviSeat - The Chair You Can’t See

We’re sure you won’t have seen anything like our new InviSeat, in fact, it’s so transparent you won’t even know it’s there!

Do You Dare To Chair?

Clear furniture is very popular in homes and businesses across the country, but we think our new seating range goes one step further than this… it doesn’t just blend in with its surroundings, it’s virtually 100% undetectable to the naked eye. We’ve decided to add our InviSeat to our range in response to the popularity of our ghost Chiavari chair. This uses clear materials to create seating that’s quite see through.

Superhero Seat...

Our newest item features highly condensed melamine that has undergone intense crystallisation to absorb even more light, giving it the appearance of complete invisibility. So what can a chair-you-can’t-see bring to your events? Here are some of the top advantages to choosing this product for your events.

1. Let’s Be Clear

Your seating is as much a part of the decor as the table decorations, centrepieces and bunting. When you want to create colour schemes for your event, whether this is a ball, gala, corporate conference or wedding, then you’ll need to think about what chairs work best. However, when you choose our new InviSeat, you don’t have to give this a second thought. Because it’s 100% clear, it naturally complements any decor themes in place!

2. Now you see it…

Tidy spaces look neater and generally better. Many of our clients like seating that can be quickly stacked and stored away. Our newest product line is a naturally tidy product, because you can’t even see it. This means that they can be stacked and stored in rooms without looking untidy - just remember where you put them so you don’t spend a while searching for them.

3. Space out

If you’ve got a meeting/conference/exhibition space that’s a little on the small side, our InviSeats are just the product for you. Because of their transparent surface, they allow more light to bounce around rooms and prevent them feeling cluttered. This really helps to maximise the space in smaller venues giving them the impression they’re bigger than they are.

4. Don’t forget the fun…

With any kind of new product like this, there is an element of fun that you can have, and we thought we should mention this great side to this product. As well as proving to be a very useful and modern chair, our InviSeat can add some extra enjoyment to events. Want to impress visitors to your exhibition with your ability to stay in a seated position (seemingly) with the strength of your legs alone, or perhaps you’d like to sit on it crossed-legged as if you’ve perfected the art of levitation? Now you can!

Just be watchful for that pesky colleague who might hold out your chair to sit on when your InviSeat is actually a few feet away, resulting in you sitting down on nothing but thin air - you have been warned!

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