Colour Your Business Green For Growth And Creativity

Colour Your Business Green For Growth And Creativity

Have you ever wondered about the power of colour in a working environment? It’s probably not something you have spent a lot of time considering, and most of us take our working environments for granted. Many offices are coloured in muted shades such as beige, white, brown and grey, with the odd houseplant or colourful desk mascot dotted around.

But what if you were to add pops of colour here and there, or totally revamp your office colour scheme? Many design companies are switching to brighter colours because they believe this helps with the creative process. In a series of articles, we’ll be taking a look at a number of different colour options, and exploring ways they could cause a psychological shift in mood, productivity and passion within your working environment.

Spark Creativity And Broader Thinking With Green

Research has shown that most people like green. It presents a very positive association with growth and nature, and a feeling of calm. Green is also the colour of harmony, and also has a strong connection with safety, stability and endurance. It’s a great colour to have in meeting rooms because it promotes congeniality and a willingness to listen. Light green shades can help to promote creative thinking, and can be used in furnishings, wall colours, carpets and artwork. It is also the most restful colour to the human eye, and so perfect for break areas or areas where members of staff can take some time out from the rigours of the office.

Green In Branding

The colour green is often used by medical and pharmaceutical companies, especially in medicines or drugs that contain natural or plant ingredients. Green is a healing colour, and this is possibly down to its prevalence in nature. How many times have you stepped into a park or forest, and felt instantly less stressed and at one with yourself?

Green is also a colour that instils trust in your target audience, so can be a great option for your website, or promotional material. As well as being effective in branding for natural products, dark green can also be associated with prestige and wealth - possibly because of the colour of the dollar.

Tap Into A Little Biophilia

Our human affinity for nature, or Biophilia if you want to get scientific, means that plants around the workspace could enhance our environment and bring about some really great benefits. Plants are beautiful to look at when maintained well, and can stimulate creativity and productivity. Not only that, but people can feel appreciated working in a more attractive environment, and this can help to boost morale too. Plants can also help to improve the air quality by increasing humidity and absorbing toxins - who knew the humble spider plant on your desk was so helpful?

Go Green With Furniture Hire UK

Here at Furniture Hire UK, we are constantly updating our range to bring you furniture items that reflect the latest trends, popular requirements and something a little different. We have a number of green items of furniture for hire, as well as many coordinating items in more neutral or muted shades. Hiring furniture for your workspace is the perfect way to add flashes of colour, and improve your environment.

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