How To Style The Perfect Buffet Table

How To Style The Perfect Buffet Table

If you’ve got a big event on the horizon, such as a wedding reception or Christmas party, there is a good chance you’ll be offering a buffet.

The good old fashioned buffet is so convenient, but there are many ways to get it wrong. Ordering too much food or not enough, forgetting to cater to special dietary requirements or bringing out buffet food too early (or too late) are just some of the shortcomings of the buffet table. Read our handy guide to learn more about styling the perfect buffet table and ensuring your catering is a complete success.

Monitor The Herd Closely

Okay, we don’t really like to use the term “herd” when talking about your guests, but if you watch a crowd of people around a buffet table, it’s quite an apt term. You’ll have the people who move in a group towards the food the moment it is bought out. Then there will be the casual grazers who stop by for one item and then move off again. By considering the movements and behaviour of your guests you can determine when to bring more food to the table, what to bring and whether you need to change the layout of your table to make service more efficient.

Plates At The Start, Cutlery At The Finish Line

It’s hard enough for people to balance a drink, a plate and a napkin at once, so don’t make it harder for them with cutlery at the start. Place cutlery at the end of the line, or on individual tables if there is room for people to sit down and eat.

Laying Out Food Logically

If you’ve got a mixture of cheap and cheerful foods and more extravagant dishes, place the cheaper foods at the front of the line. This will help you to keep a close eye on which dishes are depleting and which you need to replace. It also means people won’t load up on the more extravagant foods and skip the less indulgent ones! Tiny tip — place square paper napkins, if you are using them, so they are easy to grab with the folded seam facing outwards.

Clearly Mark Foods With Labels

If you have vegetarians, vegans or people with food intolerances attending your event, make things easy for them by clearly marking foods so that your guests know they are okay for them to eat. You can use beautiful decorative labels across your table for all of your dishes if you wish, or simply mark out the foods that cater for special dietary requirements.

Give Your Buffet Pride Of Place

When you’re planning a buffet for your guests, you need to be sure you have enough room for food, plates and any decorative features you plan to use. Our rectangular tables are the perfect solution, and come in a wide range of styles. Right now (12th October 2016), they are priced at just £3.50 a week and we’ll deliver direct to your door and collect them when you are finished. Take a look at our impressive range today!

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