Furniture Hire For Halloween Parties

Furniture Hire For Halloween Parties

The Dos And Don’ts Of Holding A Company Halloween Party

With autumn almost upon us, it’s time to start thinking of cosy nights in, leaves falling from the trees, and that very special time of the year. Don’t worry, we’re not about to hit you with a Christmas post just yet! We’re talking about Halloween. In just a few days, the streets will be filled with kids trick or treating, and partygoers searching for some spooky fun!

If you're throwing a company Halloween event this year, there are plenty of options open to you when it comes to celebrating All Hallows’ Eve with employees and clients. There are also a few dos and don’ts that will ensure your party is remembered for all the right reasons.

The Dos

Do Decorate: With so many online stores and supermarkets selling Halloween decorations, there is no excuse not to put up a few decorations. Even if it’s a few black and orange balloons scattered around the office, you’ll still be entering into the spirit of the event. If you are planning the party, why not get in early or stay late the night before to decorate. It will be a great talking point for your colleagues the next day, and they will really feel part of the celebrations.

Do Try To Involve Everybody: No company party should ever be mandatory, but try and choose activities that everybody can get involved in. Pumpkin carving is relatively inexpensive, and could get quite competitive. Simply cover a few desks, or a large work area with newspaper, and let that imagination run wild. Not only will your colleagues have a little down time, but without realising it they will have created some decorations for the party too!

Do Dress For The Occasion: If you can, try to convince everybody to dress up for the party in their best Halloween attire. You might not convince everybody, so why not have a few cheap masks or wigs on standby for those who don’t want to go to the trouble, but who don’t want to feel left out either.

Do Think Of Small Gestures: To make colleagues feel extra special on the day, why not bring in some Halloween doughnuts, or some pumpkin lattes? These are simple things you can do to that won’t cost a fortune, but which will bring a smile to the most miserable of faces.

The Don’ts

Don’t Supply Alcohol: Most companies have a no alcohol policy in the office, and it’s always a good idea to stick to it. By all means, carry the party on at the local pub or wine bar, but leave the heavy stuff for when you are all away from the office.

Don’t Make It Too Scary: It’s fun to create a scary atmosphere, but try to remember that some people have a more delicate disposition than others. Be prepared to be asked to take down the giant spider decoration, or the killer clown mask on the back of the toilet door.

Hosting The Perfect Halloween Event Just Got Easier

If you are planning a corporate Halloween event, and you need help with furniture hire, we have a huge selection of items ready to dispatch right away. From mobile bars, stools and tables, to red carpets and ghost Chiavari chairs, we have all the items you need to ensure a fangtastic night is had by all!

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