Transform Your Office With Bench Style Desking

Transform Your Office With Bench Style Desking

The look and feel of the traditional office has evolved significantly over the past decade with more and more businesses favouring the open-plan layout over endless corridors leading to separate offices. The consensus seems to be that an open office leads to improved communication, creativity and productivity, and it’s a trend that doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon!

A change in the way we work has also called for a change in furniture design, and who better to give you the latest on office trends than Furniture Hire UK? We make it our business to keep up with what our customers need, and to help them work more efficiently and productively. In this article we’ll take a look at our innovative and practical bench style desks and why they are gaining such popularity amongst our customers.

A Better Way To Work

Office space can be expensive to furnish and you’ll want to get the most out of every square metre of space by hiring versatile furniture at an affordable price. They don’t get much more versatile than our bench style desks, and we also tick all the right boxes when it comes to cost, too!

Most of us spend less time in front of computers fixed in place and more time on tablets, laptops and smartphones. Hot-desking is another big change to hit the modern office where nobody has their own desk and just hops on a desk that is free when they need to. This is great if you have travelling sales staff, staff on flexible hours, job-shares or staff working from home that occasionally need to visit the office. Why waste valuable space with individual desks when a cluster of bench style desks will suffice?

A Modern Twist On A Traditional Favourite

In addition to their modular benefits, bench style desks look great too. Available in a sleek and stylish white finish, our white bench style desks add a touch of elegance to any office as well as excellent practical features. We also offer a range of matching furniture including storage units and filing cabinets, helping you to create a great impression to your visitors and a pleasant working environment for your employees.

With our bench style desks you get all the freedom you need to create the perfect working areas. Push together to create collaborative working spaces, or pull apart to create more private or stand-alone working areas. We also offer a range of freestanding screens if you need to define specific areas for teams or need to add a little privacy.

Modernise With Confidence - We Make Furniture Hire Effortless

If your office needs a little revamping, or you simply want to get the best return on your rental investment, Furniture Hire UK makes bench style desk hire easy and affordable. We’d be delighted to tell you more about our range, but if you’d just like to go ahead and order, you can do so in a couple of clicks direct from our website. In no time at all your bench style desks will be making their way to your door, ready to place where you need them the most.