Durable, Affordable And Convenient: Put Our Exam Tables To The Test

Durable, Affordable And Convenient: Put Our Exam Tables To The Test

Exam time is a stressful time for everybody concerned. Our exam desks are just one way you can ease the strain and offer a wide range of benefits that will ensure you get top marks for organisation when it comes to fulfilling your educational furniture requirements. In this article, we’ll take a look at the many benefits of our exam desks and how you can help to provide a comfortable, affordable and dependable examination environment for students, teachers and adjudicators alike.

Save Valuable Storage On Site

Whether you are a school planning for mock GCSEs or you're planning ahead for examinations across the forthcoming academic calendar, you are no doubt going to need a lot of furniture to cater for a large number of students. These furniture requirements can mean mass storage is required on site.

When classroom space is at a premium and you want to make the most of this space, using it for storage of examination furniture is not an option. Our exam desks for hire solve the problem by offering you the flexibility of hiring what you need for as long as you need it. We’ll deliver to your door and collect your furniture once you are finished.

Easy To Store, Quick To Set Out

When you have an exam room to organise, you’ll need furniture that is not only lightweight, but which is also easy to store once you are finished. Our exam desks fold, unfold and can be stacked when not in use, easily giving you a space-saving option that is also quick and easy to set out - combine with our stackable polyprop chairs for the perfect combination.

Cost Effective Examination Table Hire

At just £4.75 a week to hire, our exam tables are the convenient and cost effective way to cater for your furniture requirements when examination time comes around. Hiring furniture means you don’t need to use any capital expenditure on purchasing furniture and there are tax breaks to be enjoyed, too! Why spend thousands of pounds on purchasing furniture you only need to use a few times a year, when we offer a more cost effective solution? We’d be delighted to provide you with a quote and you can also use our quote builder online.

Sturdy And Reliable

We ensure every item of furniture that leaves our furniture warehouse is of the highest quality. Our fleet of delivery vehicles travel the length and breadth of the UK, delivering examination furniture to schools, colleges and universities. You can always rely on our team to meet your exact requirements. The result is examination furniture that is not only strong and sturdy, but also comfortable for your students - important when they are sitting through long exams and need to focus their attention on the exam paper rather than an uncomfortable seating arrangement.

Take a look at our exam tables and chairs today to find out more about the many benefits of hiring over purchasing. We can also supply desks and comfortable chairs for adjudicators and teachers.

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