Raise Your Glasses - it’s Gin Festival 2017!

Raise Your Glasses - it’s Gin Festival 2017!

If you love gin and you love festivals, then why not celebrate two of your favourite things by attending the 2017 Gin Festival. Not only will you be able to sample some of the best gins in the world, you’ll be able to take them home too!

Gin Festival has been running since 2012 and offers something for everyone, from the gin aficionado to the gin beginner. Here you’ll find hundreds of big names and independent distillers all eager to talk about their gin and give you a taste. Starting in London on 17th February, the festival is set to travel around the UK. Check out their website to see when the Gin Festival will be coming to a venue near you!

Some of the gins on offer include a delicately flavoured cucumber gin and a gin that comes in its own jam jar. You’ll also be able to pick up some great advice from the gin mixologists and some of the best gin mixing gadgets and accessories available on the market today. Fancy a spot of shopping? You’ll be able to buy gifts and full size bottles to take back home with you. It really promises to be a great day out.

A Brief History Of Gin

Did you know that gin actually started out in life as a medicine? It was originally invested by a Dutch scientist who had the idea of using botanicals to cure illness. Formulated using oil from the juniper berry, the distilled spirit was known for its palatable taste and calming effects, and was soon in high demand! More and more distilleries appeared to cope with the demand, and it wasn’t long before gin as we know it today started to appear on the shelves of bars and drinking dens across Europe and beyond.

Today, there are thousands of distilleries around the world, all offering their own take on the popular juniper berry infusion. And it’s not just the traditional gin and tonic that is keeping gin popular. Today you’ll see it added to many household and culinary items, from bubble bath to cakes and chocolate.

Create Your Own Gin Event

Gin has been the nation’s favourite for centuries, and still uses the distilling techniques it did back then. If you can’t make it along to Gin Festival, why not host your own event to celebrate this timeless tipple? We have everything you need, including mobile bars, bar stools, poseur tables and even a red carpet if you want to create the ultimate VIP atmosphere.

We make hiring bars and bar furniture effortless, and we have a wide range of options. From a traditional bar to an illuminated bar, you can choose to hire the furniture that best suits your needs and your venue. Don't forget we can also suuply LED dance floors and LED furniture, too!