How To Arrange Furniture In Your Restaurant Or Bar

How To Arrange Furniture In Your Restaurant Or Bar

If you are about to purchase or hire furniture for your restaurant, club or bar, it is important to not only get the style right, but the layout too. The design of your layout could be an integral part to your success, so it pays to get it right first time.

A well planned layout will ensure the best first impression, good traffic flow and ensure that everybody has a comfortable and enjoyable experience at your venue. From choosing and placing the right chairs to ensuring there are enough surfaces for drinks and food, there are many things to consider when planning out your furniture layout. Get it right and you'll have your customers returning time and time again!

Choosing The Right Furniture

The furniture you choose will largely depend on the type of venue you are running. A contemporary venue would be best suited to modern furniture such as low level seating, LED furniture, bar stools and tables. A more traditional restaurant would look best fitted out with elegant chairs and tables. You should also consider what your customers expect when they visit you. For example, if you have a bar, make sure that you provide some tables and chairs or poseur tables and high stools so that your customers can have a drink in comfort.

Getting Circulation Flow Just Right

Once you have chosen your furniture, it's time to consider where to place it. For the best result, consider how people will flow into and around your venue. Ensure they have a clear route to the bar, or that tables are laid out with enough room for two people to pass each other easily without knocking into the tables. How many restaurants have you visited where the tables are too close together? It makes for quite an uncomfortable experience in most venues and makes a private conversation or intimate dinner virtually impossible!

Ensure the routes to your bathroom facilities and from the kitchen are also clear to allow customers and staff to move around freely. Always consider the seated customer when planning your routes to ensure there is not too much human traffic moving around them. The last thing your customers would want is to be seated too near to high traffic areas and being barged by elbows or having to pull their seats in constantly. You may end up losing a few tables, but what you lose in place settings you will more than certainly make up for in repeat visits if your customers are comfortable.

Configuring Your Furniture

When considering how to position your furniture, a number of factors come into play. For example, in a restaurant you will need to account for different party sizes. A mixture of seating arrangements works best here and will ensure you are not constantly moving diners or tables around. If you have a waiting area, ensure there are some sofas or chairs available, and if possible have this area near the bar so diners can have a drink before they eat.

Everything You Need In One Place

At Furniture Hire UK, we cater for all of your furniture hire needs, and we can help you to ensure your customers have adequate seating and surfaces where needed the most. We would be delighted to tell you more about our range of furniture and how best to arrange our furniture in your establishment for the best effect.

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