5 Ways To Use Poseur Tables

5 Ways To Use Poseur Tables

Poseur tables, often seen in smoky bars and noisy nightclubs, may not always have the most wholesome of reputations, but there is more to this versatile piece of furniture than meets the eye. There are many ways you can use these tables, and when coupled with our bar stools they provide a handy and comfortable place to relax, socialise or network.

At Furniture Hire UK we are constantly looking at the latest trends in seating, dining and entertaining so we can bring you the pieces that are in vogue right now, together with those traditional items of furniture that never go out of fashion. Here are just a few alternative ideas for getting the most from poseur tables.

Great For A Get Together

Formal or social get togethers such as singles events are the perfect place for poseur tables. They offer an intimate and relaxing place to chat and encourage small groups or couples to socialise, chat and get to know each other.

Pre And Post Events

If you want to get your guests circulating and socialising at your next event, a few smartly positioned poseur tables can be just the thing. By placing poseur tables around your venue you automatically create social hubs that compel people to rest their drinks, gather and get talking to each other. These tables are also lightweight and portable and can be moved easily around as required.

Perfect For Networking Events

Poseur tables aren’t just for fun events; they are ideal for business and networking events too! Set at just the right height for resting a laptop or positioning paperwork, our poseur tables can be a great addition to anywhere you need people to network and chat. You can choose to add chairs to your tables or simply leave them as standalone islands for people to congregate around.

Help Large Groups To Focus

If you are planning an event that requires everybody to focus on a specific group of people or a guest speaker, poseur tables can ensure that everybody is gathered together and facing the right way. Position a few chairs around your tables that are facing the focal point so that people are left in no doubt what you want them to do.

Coffee Or Brunch

Poseur tables are great for bars and nightclubs, but they are also perfect for get togethers during the day. These tables are less formal than our banquet tables and add a touch of brevity and lightness to any event or venue.

Our Most Versatile Table

If you are looking for tables that are lightweight, stylish, versatile and perfect for a range of settings and uses, our poseur tables are the perfect solution. They look as good at formal events as they do at informal social gatherings and will ensure your guests always have a place to stand, sit, relax or chat. Coupled with our bar stools, our tables provide a comfortable and convenient furniture option and a great way to encourage networking and conversation. Take a look at our range today and speak to our team to learn more about our prices and delivery/collection services.

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