5 Easy Ways To Ensure Your Event Is Sustainable

5 Easy Ways To Ensure Your Event Is Sustainable

Creating a sustainable event is all about considering the impact your event has on people and the environment. The events industry is one of the largest contributors to pollution and with the rise of attention to climate change, implementing sustainable practice into your event is now crucial. Creating sustainable events will not only help the planet but improve brand reputation and cut costs. Here are the top 5 ways to make your event more sustainable.


1. Go Paperless

One of the easiest ways to implement sustainable practice at your event is by going completely paperless. This is now easier than ever as many people use technology in their day-to-day lives. Send invitations online and use tablets at events in order to send guests information rather than handing out flyers, leaflets and other material that will most likely get thrown away.

2. Recycle

The first step to going greener is to ensure your venue recycles and that you and your staff understand what can and can’t be recycled during and after the event. Most people recycle paper, cardboard and plastic but many do not realize that carpet and wood can also be recycled. While recycling rates are rising, many venues still do not have proper recycling procedures in place so it is best to check this while searching for the right venue.

3. Provide Transportation

Events are a large contributor to pollution as they require a large number of people to travel to and from a particular venue. In the UK, transport accounts for 26% of greenhouse gas emissions (BBC, 2018) and much of this comes from the number of people attending events and festivals throughout the country. The best way to tackle this transport pollution is to offer shuttle services to your event or to ensure your venue is accessible via public transport. This encourages people to share transport rather than take a car.

4. Donate Leftover Food

A huge amount of food gets wasted from events which is why it is important to consider either cutting back on the food you are offering or put plans in place to donate leftover food immediately after an event. You could plan ahead by getting in touch with local organizations to collect leftovers after the event or personally deliver the food to local homeless shelters.

5. Use LED Lighting and Furniture

LED lighting is the most environmentally friendly way of illuminating an event. Only 5% of LED lighting is wasted as heat which decreases greenhouse gas emissions. Here at Furniture Hire UK we have a large range of LED furniture for hire including LED chairs, bars, cubes, tables and more. Hiring LED furniture will not only make your event more sustainable but it will be sure to impress your event guests, too!


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