Time Management Tips for Event Planners

Time Management Tips for Event Planners

Planning an event requires impeccable organizational skills as well as someone who knows how to manage their time in the best way possible. Poor time management can result in an unsuccessful event and unhappy guests so it is paramount that event planners manage their time effectively. Here are our top tips on managing your time successfully so that you are able to plan and deliver an enjoyable event.


Define Your Goals

Setting realistic goals and objectives will give you something to work towards and will make measuring your event success much easier. Defining your goals should be the very first thing you do; it will keep you focused and mean that you are spending your time wisely as you know what you are working towards.

Prepare For Worst-Case Scenarios

The number one mistake that event planners make is to forget that things can and do go wrong when preparing for an event. A supplier may cancel last minute or the weather could take a turn for the worst. Prepare yourself so that your event will not suffer in the case of an unknown situation. Allow time in the schedule for things to go wrong during both the planning period and the running of the event.

Prioritize Tasks

Prioritizing tasks is one of the most important steps for successful time management. For example, you do not want to send out invitations before you have a venue confirmed, so it is vital you create a timeline of tasks you need to complete in order of importance.

Create Deadlines

Create deadlines for each task with plenty of time to spare in case of any emergencies. You should try your best to complete the tasks before the deadline but if you cannot, having time left over to complete a task significantly reduces the chances of event failure.

Take Time Out

Taking time out for yourself during a busy time is crucial to staying focused and energized. If you don’t take sufficient breaks you could suffer from burn out which is not only terrible for your wellbeing but will put your event in jeopardy. Make sure you switch off from work during your time off and spend your spare time doing things that you enjoy.


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