Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Home

It is finally that exciting time of the year where Christmas trees get put up and festive decorations come out! Decorating for Christmas can be quite a stressful time; you may feel pressure to impress guests on Christmas day or you might not want Christmas decor to ruin the feel of your home. Here are our top tips on stress-free decorating for a beautiful and functional home over the Christmas period.


Match Christmas Decorations to the Colour Scheme of Your Home

The best way to create a sophisticated living area over Christmas is to match the colours of your festive decorations with your current home decor. If your living room is warm and cosy then red and gold baubles will match your home beautifully, whereas a modern and simplistic living space can be perfectly paired with white and silver decorations. Coordinate the colours of your Christmas decorations with your home for a stylish, festive feel.

Hire Mobile Bars for Christmas Day

Mobile bars and bar carts are the perfect addition to Christmas as they not only look great but provide a space for drinks and snacks. Mobile bars are especially useful if you have a large family and want to entertain during the day and night! We have a range of mobile bars for hire including LED bars and folding aluminium bars from just £93.05 per week.

Put Mini Christmas Trees around the House

Mini Christmas Trees are the ideal space filler for different rooms in your house. Having more than one Christmas tree in a room can look crowded so many people have one main large tree in their living room and smaller ones dotted over the house.

Use Tartan Patterns for a Real Christmas Feel

This is the perfect time of the year to swap your sofa throws for tartan blankets to add a truly festive feel to your home. Not only does tartan incorporate classic Christmas colours but it is trendy and stylish so it is sure to impress guests.

Hang Christmas Lights on Your Tree and at Home

Would Christmas be the same without any lights? Lights bring incredible Christmas cheer and can make your home feel extremely cosy during the winter evenings. Christmas lights look great on mantels, bannisters and trees whilst candles are a wonderful addition to countertops and windows.


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