Use Stretch Barriers for Crowd Control

Use Stretch Barriers for Crowd Control

Paying attention to every detail will help contribute to the overall success of any event, as it is the finishing touches that, ultimately, make all the difference. At Furniture Hire UK we understand exactly what is needed to guarantee that an important function runs smoothly, and we have, over the years, provided many businesses with a range of first class furniture hire products to ensure that their organisation stands out in every way.

One of our most popular items is our stylish chrome Stretch Barrier, which is available to hire for £9.99 per week. This top quality safety barrier is constructed from heavy duty UVPC and so is a hard wearing and practical choice for a multitude of uses. The safety of guests arriving at a large event such as an exhibition or conference is obviously essential, and this furniture hire accessory is the perfect option, as queuing can then take place in a safe, orderly manner.


Other recommended products

Our contemporary Rope Barrier System is also a superb option for use at a variety of venues, from hotels and theatres to museums and galleries. It comprises a Rope Barrier Post and red braided rope (please contact us for availability of different colours), and the complete system can be hired for £9 per week.

Not only will this top quality item enhance your setting, it will also add practicality by improving the organisation of your particular event. Complete the look with our gorgeous Deep Pile Red Carpet, and you can be sure that your venue will stand out in every way. A 4m length of carpet is perfectly complemented by using 5 posts and 4 ropes on either side, instantly adding a touch of class to any setting.

Furniture hire for all occasions

Furniture hire is by far the most affordable and practical choice for many uses, ranging from offices, conference centres and exhibitions, to weddings and banquets. The quality of furniture available at Furniture Hire UK is guaranteed to impress, and it can be hired for exceptionally low rental rates. Whether you require chairs and desks to improve your office environment or are looking for some distinctive party hire products, we can help, so please give our specialised sales team a call soon! They will be delighted to help you choose from our outstanding furniture hire range, and ensure that, whatever the occasion, it is sure to be a success!