Furniture Hire for Meetings

Furniture Hire for Meetings

Conferences can often go on for many hours and that is why having the right seating is key to the success and effectiveness of your conference. Do you really want people fidgeting and not concentrating through the conference because they are sitting in an uncomfortable chair? To overcome this problem, the large range of conference furniture hire available from Furniture Hire UK will have many options for all your chair hire needs.

Stacking Chairs

For a simple, yet comfortable option, the stacking chairs are your perfect choice. They come in either blue or black, allowing you to match the chairs to your room, and are finished with stylish chrome metal legs. The chairs are very comfortable because both the seat and back are padded. Furthermore, this chair is excellent for space saving storage as it can stack 10 chairs high. This chair starts at a price of £2.75 per chair per week, and 200 or more can be ordered at once.

Leather Cantilever Chair

If you are having a conference for just a small number of people, maybe consider a more luxurious chair option of furniture hire. The leather executive chair could be the perfect option for you because it is padded on the seat, back and arms, which means it provides excellent support and comfort even for the longest of conferences. In addition it is finished in a top quality leather look material. The price for this chair starts a £15.00 per week.

Black Lecture Chair

The previous two chairs are most suited for use at a desk, however, if you require writing space to be included with the chair then the black lecture chair could be your item of choice. It is similar to the stacking chairs in comfort and design, except for instead of arms the chair has a small writing desk attached to the side. This is perfect for lecture style conferences, where your attendees may need to do a lot of writing. This chair starts at just £4.99 per week.

Complimentary Items

If you would like a table to go with one of the chair choices, why not consider the modular tables in our table hire range. The tables come in a choice of shapes, rectangular or semi circle, and sizes, 1200mm or 1800mm rectangles. Also you can combine any tables to make the perfect shape for your needs, such as a horseshoe shapes, or the classic conference oval.

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