Linen To Create a Party Atmosphere

Linen Hire For Parties

Can I hire linen to decorate furniture from Furniture Hire UK?

Planning an event or party can be very stressful. There are lots of different elements that need to be considered and you will want everything to be perfect for the event. To create the right feel for the party you will need to have elegant and sophisticated linen.

At Furniture Hire UK we have a specialised range of linen hire which will be perfect for this job. If you have a number of tables that need decorating in a stylish way, then why not hire our 1830mm Round Table Cloth in White. This table cloth can also be hired in the sizes of 1525mm or 1220mm.

The Round Table cloth is made to high quality and will give off a very elegant look at your event. This table cloth is also available in the colour of black which would look great if you are having a Hollywood or Casino themed event. The 1830mm Round Table Cloth in white can be hired for the great price of only £11 per week.

Do you have any other linen I could hire for my party?

Furniture Hire UK has a number of linen items that can be hired to complete the look of your party. If you are having a dinner at your event or party then it will be essential that you have good quality napkins. You can hire Napkins from Furniture Hire UK in the colour of either black or white, or a combination if you choose. These napkins can be folded however you want so will definitely be able to achieve the look that you are going for.

These napkins are available to hire for only £0.80 per week, an unbelievable price. You could go that one step further for your event and hire a table runner from us. Furniture Hire UK has table runners to offer in a variety of different colours so you will be able to find a colour to suit your event perfectly. Having a table runner will ooze sophistication and class and will look very pleasing to the eye when everyone enters the party.

You can hire table runners from us for only £3.41 per week which is a really great price. To find out more about Furniture Hire UK's linen hire range log onto our website. To speak directly to one of our team you can give us a call on 0844 567 5744. 

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