City Centre Weddings - Adding Extra Glam Factor Via Furniture

City Centre Weddings - Adding Extra Glam Factor Via Furniture

Far from looking out of place at a fun, funky city centre wedding, our 40 white folding fan back chairs, 1830mm rectangular banqueting tables and matching white linen looked great and contributed to the chic vibe of the event.

Rustic Rocks - So Does The City!

Turreted castles, premium hotels surrounded by beautiful countryside or a rustic marquee in a rural heaven - these are all prime locations for weddings, but we recently saw how amazing a city centre wedding can be when we visited a client hosting a couple’s big day.

Swap Rural Charm For Urban Cool

London, Manchester, Newcastle and loads of the other thriving cities that make up the UK are perfect places for all kinds of events, like corporate awards shows, exhibition, product launches, conferences - so why don’t we immediately think weddings when it comes to cities? This could be because the bride and groom want a feeling of space, a location offering entertainment and a laidback vibe?

Wedding chair hire - and much more

You can get all this and more by booking a city centre wedding. Well, we were very impressed by a recent venue hosting a reception and drew some tips from our visit on how you can get the most from your urban party!

1. Funk Up Your Furniture

When you’re booking a venue, it’s not always clear how flexible they can be, and many of us might simply forget to ask some all-important questions. We’ll probably assume that we can bring in table decorations, perhaps some additional lighting and our own choice of entertainment too. Another option is to also bring in rental furniture - even when the venue has their own available, you might want greater freedom over the table, chairs and soft seating used.

Bring venues alive with different vibes

Choosing your own furniture from our rental range gives you the tools to add a different vibe to venues. Photos from a recent trip to see our clients, show how our white folding fan back chairs add a chic and elegant look to venues, without looking too formal. Our client also chose our 1830mm folding banquet tables and deluxe white linen tablecloths resulting in a ultra-chic looking venue.

2. Go soft on your seating

Central in the recent venue we visited was the location’s own sofa - showing how city venues can offer the comfort guests require. There are lots of different ways you can expand on this, so your visitors get a fantastic experience whether you’re arranging weddings, corporate parties, VIP nights of any other type of event. Firstly, by choosing items from our furniture hire range that are foldable and stackable, so spaces are easily cleared and installed with items like our comfy corbusier sofas, or our tub chairs. Both our folding white fan back chairs and our 1830mm rectangular banqueting tables fold in seconds, ideal when you want to turn dining areas into dancing areas!

3. Space - that’s light!

Getting furniture that is easily moved and stored is one way to make the most of the space you have available. Although there are many city centre locations that have more than enough room available, others are very clever with how they use the venue and turn a smaller area into a fantastic spacious place for many different functions. Clearing areas to make way for different kinds of furniture suits events like wedding receptions that may start as a meal, then end as a dance-fest. Another way to maximise space, it to use different kinds of lighting.

Love lighting

This really helps to add atmosphere to locations, and as you can see from these photos, a decadent glow and elegant, yet informal vibe was created via the furniture and lighting. If your venue allows, feel free to bring in additional lanterns, candles and even fairy lights to bring a warm, intimate and stylish ambiance to your special day.

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