Mirror, Mirror - Is This The Best Venue Of All?

Mirror, Mirror - Is This The Best Venue Of All?

A global cosmetics’ company recently ordered 46 of our black leather stools and 6 chrome poseur tables, we went along to see them all set up for a special beauty event.

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Looking smart and presentable is what many of us concentrate on when we head off to work, or for nights out and occasions where we want to make great impressions. In addition to our own appearances looking fantastic, we know that the venues you visit need to be just as well turned out! Whether you choose our Eiffel chairs, Barcelona chairs, or our traditional style stacking chairs, each have their own an elegant style.

Venue ready - in three easy steps

On our recent trip to see this client we got to take some photos of our chrome and leather stools, which had been set up for a beauty event, and we thought they looked perfect for this occasion. Along with the stunning backdrop of the premium, historic hotel where the function occurred, there was a very decadent and deluxe vibe to the location. So how do you know when your venue is ready for your guests? Here’s a small list of tips that can help you get your location ready for the event.

1. It’s oh so quiet

We all know this feeling - the quiet before the storm! It’s a sure sign that your location is all ready for your guests, when the noise and chaos starts to die down. Your furniture hire order has been delivered, the caterers are busy preparing food, stages have been set up and sound systems tested. It might sound impossible, but when this moment occurs, it’s a great idea to embrace it and enjoy those quiet moments before the premises get busy again. You might like to gather your team and go over any last minute changes to the schedule, security updates or simply enjoy the moment together following all your hard work.

2. Sleek and sparkly?

Setting up venues can be a messy business, especially when the event requires goods and products being brought in from external sources. Our most recent client transported cosmetic products, in addition to our chrome poseur tables and black leather stools with medium backs into the prestigious hotel. As you can see from the images we took, the room where the beauty occasion was taking place was very clean and tidy.

Looking for that polished look...

Our team are experienced in quick and tidy furniture rental installations - we make sure that we don’t provide more work/cleaning for you to do. If you think that other services and products brought into venues might get messy, it’s useful to have some people available who can quickly clean up and give locations that professional, polished look.

3. Room to move

Unless you’ve designed venues to be cosy and intimate with little room to mingle, then locations should have enough space for people to move easily and fluidly. For this particular client, room was required so those people applying cosmetics and makeup could complete their tasks with ease. If you’re finding that you don’t have the room you’d like available, then your venue might not be ready for visitors just yet! This might be a simple case of rearranging furniture, or setting up stretch barriers, so queues remain compact.

Experts on hand

If you’d like assistance with your venue furniture hire needs we have an in-house CAD expert who can give you expert guidance, and our team are also available to fully install every chair and table rental item you order from us.

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