You Saw It Here First!

You Saw It Here First!

This year’s Clerkenwell Design Week was as interesting and creative as ever, and we couldn’t get enough of the modern exhibits on display.

Inspired Interiors…

The annual event sees central London interior shops, furniture suppliers and general venues opened up to welcome in visitors. It provides a great opportunity for retailers to show off their products, and is also a great location to find inspiration in regard to interiors and furniture hire too!

Down Town

We called in to see a client of ours who had hired our chrome poles and black ropes for an external exhibit they had organised. These types of installations can really bring the city alive, and there were many examples of fantastic design set up outside, such as a large glass house featuring different coloured panes of glass, and contemporary outdoor seating.

As well as exhibitions taking place on the city's streets there were many retailers and arts showing their work inside many venues as well. We got to see some beautiful examples of modern furniture and furnishing designs, which may well catch on in the future...

     1. Mirror, mirror

Glasswork and mirroring was featured in several exhibition cubicles and we think they make a light and creative way to adorn walls. Paintings, artwork and photos are all common items we place in our properties and offices to brighten spaces. The magnificent etched mirrors we photographed were both eye-catching and brought more light into the room too, which can benefit the modern workplace that wants to cut down on energy bills in a creative way!

    2. Future fine print

Most offices around the country prefer plain seating, and the popularity of our black stacking chair definitely supports this! But we saw such smart and chic examples of seating at this event, that we think offices will one day install similar items. The chairs we photographed featured delicate floral prints on a black fabric supported by a gold frame, resulting in super stylish seating. We wouldn’t be surprised to one day see them in receptions, meetings areas and at exhibitions.

     3. Round & round…

Low stools and seats are a convenient space-saving option at events. Our cube seating is often ordered by our clients who are looking for a contemporary option that can be used flexibly, and this applies perfectly to our cubes as they’re easy to move into any size space and team with other chairs if required. We saw a trend for items that were economical in terms of size and very versatile too. Our favourite was a collection of low, rounded stools that looked very comfy and could one day be used in lots of different locations.

     4. The garden…

Many of us might feel green fingered in our own homes and gardens, but not so much in the office! We viewed a great installation that showed how easy it is to bring a bit of the great outdoors inside. It was a simple set up… old car tyres were filled with plants adding instant greenery inside. If car tyres or large earthenware pots wouldn’t suit the style of your premises, then how about the stunning, metallic floor-to-wall hangings etched with trailing trees and foliage? These are a really smart and original way that workplaces may eventually be decorated.

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