What Did We Find In A Field…

What Did We Find In A Field…

Among Devon’s rolling green fields we came across a very impressive sight that we just have to share with our furniture hire customers.

All the fun of the festival...

The undulating West Country hills make a perfect backdrop for many outdoor occasions, such as camping, picnics, outdoor weddings and festivals too. We were delighted to visit a client who’d chosen rural Devon as the location for a massive multi-church bible festival. We took a look at how our customer and our furniture rental products turned empty fields into a fully functioning site thousands of campers stayed on and visitors attended over the course of the event.

Bright and early

As well as 2800 of our white folding fan back chairs, our client also choose 90 1830mm rectangular banqueting tables, 1350 black polyprop chairs and 150 black stacking chairs from our furniture hire range. Our products were just some of the items brought to the site, and as you can see from our photos and video, even in the early stages of the festival much was going on and set up, including marquees, carpeting, stage backdrops, lighting and more.

1. Getting organised for the organisers

When you have a very large site to set up, all hands may well be on deck, and for large sites this might result in many hands helping out. Our recent client had a large team of people arriving days before the five day extravaganza of events kicked off. It was easy to see why so much preparation was required as our customer was not only preparing the large on-site arena for thousands of worshippers, but also turning fields into camping areas, sites for seminars, entertainment and relaxation.

To make sure that organisers and those working hard in the early days of an installation this size, there needs to be places for these teams to problem solve, meet and relax. Our recent client made sure that these types of locations were in place days ahead of any installation, so set up went as smoothly as possible.

2. Divide and conquer

If you’re arranging a function where many thousands of people will attend, it’s important to think about crowd management. By this, we mean designing a site so people can move smoothly from one location to another. This allows your visitors to get where they’d like to be easily, and in the case of quick exits and fire drills/evacuation it’s essential for health and safety policies too. It makes sense to think about the activities in each tent, and place those hosting similar events together, so guests can move from area to area in less time.

Making your marquee

This client made sure that marquees for seminars were situated within the same field, so visitors didn’t have to walk longer distances for different seminars. Our customer also located activities for the younger guests closely together so they could move between tents simply.

3. Remembering comfort

Camping in the great outdoors is a joy for many, and upping the creature comforts can add a bit of luxury that some really appreciate. There were many campers expected to this event, and to ensure guests would enjoy activities to the max, our client carpeted the marquees. As well as comfortable flooring, we hope our chairs also added some extra comfort, thanks to the moulded back of our polyprop chairs and the support offered via our folding fan back seats. These are both stackable, but are also easy to set up for organisers as they just have to be unstacked and they’re ready for use!

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