Banquet Furniture Hire Guide

Banquet Furniture Hire Guide

The idea of banqueting is ancient and has evolved from the great feasts of medieval times to the banquets of today, which serve many different purposes. Formal business banquets, for example, are a very popular way to develop and strengthen relationships between business partners.

It is obviously extremely important, therefore, when organising a prestigious event such as a business banquet, to provide an environment in which this can be achieved. A stylish setting will give a favourable impression of your business and the most practical way of creating this would be to hire your banqueting furniture. Hiring, rather than purchasing, removes the need for a substantial financial outlay on something which is only needed for a short time. Furthermore, you will not be tying up capital which will lose value and hiring your furniture makes sound economic sense.

By hiring your banqueting furniture you will also ensure that it is smart, of high quality, and contemporary. Furniture Hire UK is a company that offers a wide range of stylish, affordable banqueting furniture and accessories to suit your individual needs.

For example, Furniture Hire UK can provide you with different sizes of banqueting tables enabling you to select something that perfectly fits the space you have. Three sizes of circular tables are available, seating from 6 to 10 guests, or alternatively, you could choose rectangular tables, the smallest of which can comfortably seat 4 guests. The quality of the tables is superb and they are both easy to install and offered for hire at very competitive rates.

To complement your tables you will want to hire banqueting chairs and Furniture Hire UK can provide you with a large selection of contemporary chairs, available in either silver or gold. The chair pads can be supplied in several colours thus ensuring that you can achieve the ideal combination to suit your setting.  Indeed, why not further enhance the look by hiring white linen tablecloths and matching napkins, a very elegant addition to your tables. Such details as this are important as you want to host an event that is visually attractive, giving the best impression possible of your business.

You don’t need to limit yourself to just table and chairs if you hire your banqueting furniture from Furniture Hire UK. Other options that you could consider is their mobile bar, available in either black or silver, very easy to assemble and a striking addition to your venue. Apart from looking fantastic, a mobile bar would create a relaxed and social environment for your banquet, which would in turn facilitate the forging of new business relationships.

If you want to create the ultimate sophisticated look for your banquet, why not also hire the luxurious deep pile red carpet from Furniture Hire UK. This is 4 metres long but can be supplied in other sizes, according to your requirements. This would certainly give your banquet the wow factor and contribute to the outstanding event that you wish to hold.In fact, why not install a rope barrier system to complement your red carpet. This is supplied with braided rope in a selection of colours and would really add an elegant finishing touch to your setting.

Another, very practical item that you may wish to hire is the chrome coatstand which is available in a selection of styles. Hire a number of these if you are hosting a large banquet and they will comfortably accommodate the coats and other accessories of your guests.

As you can see therefore, there is a wonderful choice of banqueting furniture to hire, a combination of which will ensure that your guests have a memorable time. So why not give Furniture Hire UK a ring, speak to one of their experienced team and let them help you plan a magnificent evening.

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