Bar and Stool Hire Guide

Bar and Stool Hire Guide

We have a wide range of party furniture that can make planning parties a lot less stressful. Namely, our bar and stool hire which has been used by many as a quick way to furnish for a party or event, especially the lightweight range as they are easy to pick up and move around – making you able to furnish your party however you like.

Many people tend to forget about the comfort of their guests – leaving it till the last minute to put a few chairs around the room before everyone arrives. It is the obvious yet small things like this that, when forgotten, can change the way an event turns out. It’s always important to remember that nobody likes standing up for a long time! With our party furniture, you can ensure your guests are comfortable at all times, providing an environment that is sure to please everyone. Our bars also go well with the high tables, which allow guests to gather around the bars and tables – socialising much more comfortably.

I recently attended an event that lacked seating, and straight away I noticed the difference it made. People tended to socialise less – sticking with the people they arrived with, as it seemed it was much more difficult to circulate a room full of people with little furniture. Our event furniture is used to stop this happening, not only for parties but for any indoor or outdoor events. When people are comfortable, they are much more relaxed, so if you want your event to be the one everyone talks about, make sure you think about the simple things first; furniture.

If you want something easy and low cost, the aluminium bar stools will suit you. They are simple, affordable and look fantastic in a party environment. If you want something eye catching and modern, then why not go for the leather bar stools? Our chrome tables go well with all our stools, and are just as lightweight. The chrome ensures they stay clean the whole time they’re being used, as chrome doesn’t stain easily. To complete your furnishings, we also have a mobile bar, which provides an effective way for everyone to get their drinks! You can enjoy your night knowing that everyone is well catered for, and you don’t have to run around making sure everyone’s glasses are full! The bar also goes well with a nice bartender, which is always a great way to pleasure guests.

Planning an outdoor event can be difficult, especially in our unpredictable British weather! We’ve overcome this by offering a range of furniture that’s suitable to be used inside or outside. The durable frame and chrome finish of the Aluminium High Bar Stool makes it perfect to use in an outdoor environment. If it’s raining (which it probably will be in this country) then put a marquee up and everyone will be perfectly happy to sit outside on these comfortable bar stools, especially with the matching Chrome Poseur Table.

Our furniture hire is a cost effective and straightforward way of furnishing for events, don’t forget we’re able to deliver and assemble the furniture for you, saving you valuable time. Many people used to buy bars and stools, only to use them on the odd occasion. Why waste the money when you can hire them for as long as you need, and you don’t have to deal with the problem of storing everything when you are not using it. There will be no need to shove everything in the already crammed garage or shed when you can hire all the furniture you require from furniture hire UK.

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