The Benefits of Hiring a Folding Leg Desk

The Benefits of Hiring a Folding Leg Desk

Choosing the right desk or desks for your office needs careful consideration. Our folding leg desks are the perfect solution if you want to maximise on the space you have available or if you have the need to move desks from place to place or store them when not in use. 

The right desk makes all the difference between an organised and productive day and a hurried and stressful one. Our folding leg desks are versatile and offer the same benefits as a traditional desk including a large surface area, modesty panels and cable storage. We offer a range of sizes and colours and we would be delighted to give you a cost effective quote today. Whether you need a single desk or a large number of desks, we can assist.

How to Choose the Right Desk to Suit Your Needs

Think about the hours you are going to be sitting at your desk or the range of uses you might put your desk through. It’s important that desks are comfortable to sit at, make the most of their surface area and are stable enough to take the weight of computer equipment or other office items. 

If you are going to be using your folding leg desk as a computer station, we recommend our 1500mm folding leg straight desk. This robust desk offers cable ports and a modesty panel so that all cables are hidden from view and kept tidy and safe. The great thing about ordering our folding leg desks is that you can move them when you want or store them away when you are not using them. Simply fold them up and store in a cupboard or store room. 

If you require a desk for the generation or collation of paperwork, we recommend choosing a desk with the roomiest surface area. This will enable you to sort spread sheets, bind documents and arrange piles of important documents with ease and without using your regular work desk. Our folding leg desks do not include storage so you may also want to consider our storage hire solutions. We offer a range of solutions including 2 drawer cabinets that will slot perfectly below any of our desks. 

Of course, space is also a large consideration when buying a new desk. We offer our folding leg desks in a range of sizes giving you the freedom to choose the desk or group of desks to suit your needs. Unsure of how best to configure your desks? Speak to our team and we will be delighted to give you some advice. We can also tell you more about our chair hire solutions if this is something you are also interested in. 

High Quality Desk Hire at Affordable Prices

When it comes to quality and durability, our desks are unbeatable. The high quality 25mm melamine desktop is as strong as any conventional desk whilst the folding legs offer excellent support. 

Want to find out more? Speak to our team today and we can give you the lowdown on our folding leg desk range or any of the other desks in our extensive range of office furniture hire products.

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