Outdoor Event Hire Guide

Outdoor Event Hire Guide

Summer has almost arrived and although it is subject to change, (at least it is if the meteorologists are to be believed) the unpredictability of the weather cannot possibly dampen the spirit of a good party or function if you hire the right furniture. It will enable you to plan your event for any eventuality including the weather. We have a large selection of furniture for hire for any occasion. Our chrome Poseur tables are a popular choice since they are neat, compact and look really stylish at any type of event. The circular surface has a chic and versatile appearance which looks smart in any environment, they can be easily placed in any area be it outdoors or indoors, they are also ideal for use in canteens, and break areas. Our chrome bistro tables are equally stylish fitted with smart foot stable supports that make them ideal to be placed indoors or outdoors.

Table rental hire would not be complete without the appropriate chair hire, we have a fine selection of chairs to complement the style of the chrome poseur or bistro tables. The chrome bistro chairs are a perfect accompaniment to these tables. They are lightweight and match the tables perfectly giving your event a really smart well dressed appearance that will impress everyone. Equally stylish are our chrome chairs with a trendy wooden slotted seat and wooden back support, these chairs are often hired with the chrome and bistro tables. Another fashionable choice are the chrome frame chairs with a fetching wicker seat which look very chic and are a perfect addition to the table hire in this range.

Other options include our attractive beech bistro chairs with a contemporary curved design, manufactured using heavy duty beech with a laminate shell this chair is an ideal chair rental option if you are looking to give your event a modern current feel. An added advantage to hiring this type of chair is that it is also space saving, enabling you to stack the chairs up to six high when not in use. It is an example of another chair that is versatile enough to use in canteen or snack break areas, as well for large and small events.

Whatever the theme or size of your event you will need to consider other accessories to fit around the furniture you are planning to hire. When guests or clients arrive at your event the first port of call is generally the cloak room, you may or may not have one on site. Hiring one or several of the stylish chrome all purpose coat stands will resolve the problem of unsightly bundles of coats and other items that cannot be independently stored away, or you may just want to effectively utilise the space you already have and place one of the coat stands within your own cloakroom.

Whether your event is indoors or outdoors the red carpet is a staple for lending any event that added touch of glamour. Why not really go to town and invite a little luxury into your party or conference by laying down the ultimate red carpet experience. Our luxurious deep pile red carpet is the ultimate furniture accessory for providing quality and sophistication. When hired along with our rope barrier and sleek chrome posts the look and feel of your event is really taken up a few notches in terms of style, making it a memorable experience for everyone.

Your clients will not be disappointed with our mobile bar which is a wise addition to any event. It is easy to assemble and looks smart and contemporary. Black and silver colour co-ordination is the perfect combination of style and sophistication.

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