Bench Desk System

Bench Desk System

The Bench Desk System – Versatile, Comfortable and Affordable

Planning an office layout can take time and throw up some challenges. Whether you are planning a new office layout or rearranging your existing office to make the most of available space, large items such as desks can often cause a problem. Solve the problem of who sits next to who, the configuration of your desks and maintaining a professional image with our office furniture hire range. We have selected some of the best office furniture including desks, office chairs, mobile pedestals, and secure filing systems and cabinets to ensure you have everything you need to create today’s modern office.

At Furniture Hire UK we have a lot of experience in dealing with office furniture and have selected some of the most versatile, robust and good looking desks on the market to help you. If you are especially looking to create banks of desks together either for specific teams or because your office configuration requires it, our bench desk system is the perfect solution.

The bench desk system is actually 4 desks of the same height, size and type that can be secured together to make one long desk that provides plenty of space for 4 workers to sit at comfortably. When secured together each person will have a whopping 1200mm x 800mm workspace and the best thing is that the under-desk area is not obstructed by desk legs allowing for colleagues to sit and work together closely on projects. The bench desk system really does allow you to make the most of available space and to provide a comfortable and efficient working area for your staff. 

We know that you are likely to position computer workstations on your desk system which is why we have even thought of cable trays to ensure your cables are kept tidy and that the desk area is maximised. The design of the desk is modern, fresh and very durable making for the perfect office furniture hire option. It’s important that your office reflects a clean, tidy and professional image and our office furniture does just that.

At Furniture Hire UK we select our desks and chairs very carefully to ensure your staff have a comfortable working area that helps them maximise their productivity. Comfortable workers are happy workers and we would be delighted to suggest the right office furniture items to suit your type of office and the space you have to work with. Our bench desk system is perfect for large offices and small and because you are hiring your furniture you do not need to worry about any capital outlay. Our office furniture hire allows you to budget for your furniture monthly and to make the most of the tax benefits this brings.

Looking for new desks for your office? Need a solution that is versatile, comfortable and affordable?  Take a look at our bench systems and individual benches today. We are constantly updating our range and reviewing our prices and have helped many of our clients to create the perfect office space.  

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