Black Operators Chair without Arms - The Guide

Black Operators Chair without Arms - The Guide

Is Your Office Chair a Pain in the Back?

Seating in an office needs to be practical and it needs to be reliable. Our black operators chair without arms is the perfect example of a versatile, smart and comfortable office chair and it’s available for hire today. For only £7.50 a week you could provide your staff with a chair that offers mobility, excellent back support and a comfortable seat just right for those employees that need to be sitting for long periods of time.

Health and safety in the workplace is not only an important consideration, it is a legal requirement. As an employer or anybody hiring staff for an event, you have the responsibility to keep those employees safe and to prevent the risk of any injury. Sitting in an uncomfortable and even dangerous chair for long periods can cause back, neck and shoulder injuries.

Choosing our black operators chair without arms will help to prevent such problems. The adjustable seat back height and the seat tilt mechanism ensure the comfort and support of anybody using the chair. The gas lift and lumbar support ensure the lower back is supported properly. 

As this chair does not have arms, it can slip easily under most standard-sized desks. This allows excellent manoeuvrability and ensures that anybody sitting in the chair can get close to their desk whilst remaining comfortable. It also means they don’t need to lean forward or slump in order to work at their desk – some chairs have arms that do not allow you to get close to the desk.

At Furniture Hire UK we have taken the time to choose only the best, most reliable and most affordable chairs, desks and other items of office furniture. Our operators chairs are also a popular choice as educational furniture and are perfect for any exams that require candidates to be seated for long periods of times or who need to use a computer workstation.

The great thing about hiring your furniture is that you are in total control. You don’t need to worry about a hefty capital expense when choosing your new furniture as you can hire the items you need by the week. This makes budgeting for your furniture easier and more affordable than ever before.

You can also choose to swap your furniture items for others if you find that the items you have chosen are not suitable or you want to upgrade. Many of our customers have chosen more comfortable and more versatile seating in place of worn and damaged chairs for example. Our solution makes revamping your office space so much easier and without denting your budget. If you would like to find out more about our charcoal operators chair without arms, we would be delighted to hear from you. Give Furniture Hire UK a call now for a cost effective quote and to hear some more of the many benefits of hiring your furniture.

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