Furniture Hire in Education

Furniture Hire in Education

Furniture Hire in Education

Whether it is heads bowed low or elbows lifted onto desks accompanied by row upon row of ponderous faces staring thoughtfully into the middle distance, there is no denying the buzz and expectation that signals the advent of exam season.  We can thank the Chinese for the privilege of introducing the tradition of assessing by examination and exporting this particular method of candidate selection.

However in reality although its origins might have begun in the East, exam testing has since evolved in various formats throughout the West. In China its initial purpose was more geared towards selecting candidates for governmental positions, in England this was adopted for a period that later evolved to include education.

Take the Tension Out of Exams

Irrespective of its origins the exam experience is invariably one that is fraught with tension it is therefore desirable that the experience is made as comforting and accommodating as possible. Choosing to hire your furniture with means you will have a choice of top quality educational furniture that will provide an experience that is comfortable and conducive to being one that passes with as little stress as possible.

Comfortable Seating for Exams


Whether the venue is a large conference hall or a small classroom our blue or black polyprop chairs are a great chair hire choice. They are simple but smart and can be hired in quantities of over a thousand. The fact that they are robust but light enough to stack away in quantities of ten at a time, means they are ideal chairs for class rooms, schools, colleges and exam halls.

Black and Blue Stacking Chairs

Our blue or black stacking chairs are another great chair hire option, they are very smart with a chic chrome frame and are a perfect addition to any class, meeting room or even staff room. They are equally space saving can be stacked up to five high when not in use, and are an ideal chair for conferences and staff meetings. Similarly our folding exam tables are a wise choice for exam periods because they are quick and easy to assemble and are very strong and durable.

Freestanding Screen Hire for Privacy

Exams can be very stressful and the ability to be able to reduce your set up time, is an asset that is invaluable. We also have great freestanding screens that provide a partition for any space necessitating privacy. Whatever your furniture hire requirements we have a great selection to choose from. 

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