Phases of Furniture Historical and Social Perspective

Phases of Furniture Historical and Social Perspective

The Bar: When you think of the bar you automatically think of a place to socialise, to have a drink consume snacks and catch up with friends, this is invariably why we go to a bar or indeed hire one, though the list of social occasions for which they are employed is endless, such as birthday parties, weddings, corporate events and so on and so forth. There are however a range of bars for a range of purposes, some of which we discovered when we dug a little deeper.

Dive bars

This type of bar is often referred to as an informal bar, and was frequently a place where residents in a neighborhood would go to meet up and socialise. In the past these types of bars had a reputation for being rather disreputable and individuals who frequented dive bars were often thought to be criminals or have leanings towards ill repute.

In the United States during the 1880’s there is even reference to them being illegal drinking houses. This type of image particularly pertains to the past however and later evolution and modernisation of such places was considered more socially acceptable.

Prohibition and the arrival of the speak easy

It is almost incredible to think that during the first half of the 20th Century the sale and the consumption of alcohol was prohibited yet this was the case, the countries where alcohol was prohibited from being both consumed and sold included Finland, Iceland, Norway and the United States.

In the United States in particular there were many un-foreseen problems that included the arrival of the speakeasies which were effectively illegal bars where people could consume alcohol during the prohibition, a period which lasted from between 1920-1933 in some states in the US however the time period was even longer.

Speak easies

The speak easies were often run by people connected to crime and the bars were frequently raided not only by police but agents of the bureau of prohibition, which was a federal law enforcement agency who were formed to enforce the national prohibition act which came into effect in 1919 and which also adhered to the law cited as the 18thamendment.

18th Amendment

It might seem rather absurd in todays modern climate that there could actually be a law that prohibited alcoholic beverages but this is exactly what happened in the United States and it is quite extraordinary to think that is was also not very long ago that this was the case.

Today however fortunately things are very different, the bar is a communal meeting place, providing a relaxing environment to meet with friends and family and celebrate specific occasions.

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