Modular Table Guide

Modular Table Guide

Why hire a folding straight leg table?

The advantages of hiring the folding straight leg table are numerous, Not only are they easily set up but they are also easily stored away. They can be fitted together to create your own bespoke office or conference area in an incredibly short amount of time.

If for example you are planning a training event or a seminar, then the folding straight leg tables are ideal. You can utilize your existing space to create the perfect training and seminar area with as many or few desks as necessary. The fact that they can be allotted into a position that allows you to create the perfect conference or meeting room set up make them an ideal choice.

What are the additional advantages of hiring a straight leg table?

Aside from the fact that the tables can be conveniently set up you can also choose the size of the table you want to fit in the space you wish to furnish. This allows you to create exactly the type of meeting or conference area you want, you can mix and match or use the same size tables, creating an area that is right for your office or meeting area.

Other advantages include sophistication and style, no conference area or seminar could be better equipped than with the folding straight leg tables, constructed using thick melamine material they are not only strong and sturdy but look incredibly smart and elegant.

Why hire the folding straight leg table as opposed to buying them?

There is an immediate advantage in hiring the straight leg table that is applicable to all our furniture hire products. Not only do you have the freedom to hire as few or many desks as necessary to create your meeting room, conference or training area but you will not have to spend large sums of cash outright.

How long can I hire goods for?

You can hire the tables for as long or short a time as is necessary for the purpose of your table hire. This enables you to keep your expenditure low, whilst gaining the advantage of high quality stylish furniture without spending out large sums of cash. Whatever type of event you are planning, or if you simply want to redesign your office, then the folding straight leg tables are the ideal table hire choice.

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