Table hire London Guide

Table hire London Guide

Need tables in a hurry? Table hire London has never been easier than at our stock is selected to match your needs and come in a range of shapes and sizes.

Are you organizing a social event? Do you need tables to cater for a large number of guests?

Then look no further than’s wide and extensive range of banqueting furniture. These tables are designed to fit around your needs, we have a variety of shapes and sizes and all are fully collapsible making setting up, assembling and disassembling as quick and convenient as possible.

Table hire is always on the agenda irrespective of the size of your business, whether your company is large or small we cater to your every need. For this reason we have a range that is not only top quality but incredibly smart and sophisticated. We have found table hire to be an important and popular area in the realm of furniture hire, for this reason our customers are respected for the large and extensive range of table hire options we offer.

What do you use modular tables for?

We want you to be satisfied every step of the way for this reason we provide a selection that is suitable for a range of purposes. Our modular tables provide you with a quick and convenient set up, a fact we know is often essential in a busy work space.

They are perfect for a range of settings, including board and meeting room environments and or training areas when you need to set up desks fast and efficiently. You also have the added advantage of being able to create areas as large or small as are necessary to your requirements. If you are holding a large meeting then our modular tables can be set up to create a large sized meeting table that is sleek and sophisticated.

Do you cater to large and small events?

Yes – of course. Social events are not left out of the equation and as conveniently as we cater for professional spaces, businesses, offices and so forth we cater for the smallest or largest social events. Our banquet tables are perfect for weddings, large parties and other social occasions. They are set up quickly and easily and allow you to choose the size and shape you want. Similarly they can be utilized for small or large conferences, exhibitions and or meeting areas.

Our other ranges are equally convenient and extensive including some very sophisticated bistro tables that can be accommodated both indoors and outdoors.

Do you an executive looking poseur table?

Our walnut poseur table is designed with the ultimate in class and sophistication adding a touch of panache to any environment. If you are looking for that extra hint of sophistication provided by a smart and efficient coffee table then check out our range of coffee tables, we have a selection that are suitable in almost any environment and which really stand out for class and style. Table hire affords you the opportunity to furnish your event or premises to the highest standards, pushing you ahead of all your competitors. 

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