Peter Andre Event Gets Our Crowd Control Barriers

Peter Andre Event Gets Our Crowd Control Barriers

Last weekend we saw exactly how useful our chrome stretch barriers can be when they were chosen to help direct hundreds of Peter Andre fans on where to stand to get a glimpse of the star.


Stylish Queue Management


Our customer ordered the stretch barriers ahead of the function, which involved the Insania singer revealing his new range of perfumes. Called Forever and Forever Young, the launch of the new fragrances was greeted by hundreds of the fan’s stars.


We supplied 60 chrome stretch barriers that are perfect for these kinds of occasions. This furniture hire product has a stylish appearance, thanks to its chrome finish and it’s also very practical too. Our stretch barriers are useful for defining areas in larger spaces and entrances to premises. As well as lots of admirers of the star turning up at the venue, he was also accompanied by his film crew, daughter Princess and the local press.


Our stretch Barriers in the Spotlight?


Photographers weren’t the only people taking snaps of the singer, we also managed to get a few of our own pics, which you can see here! The film crew were recording the launch of the star’s new fragrances for his next reality ITV2 show Peter Andre: My Life, and we’re looking forward to possibly catching a glimpse of our chrome tense barriers when it airs!


Order your event furniture online along with our chrome stretch barriers you can also order a huge range of hire furniture from us that’s perfect for your events, including ropes and poles, red carpets and freestanding screens. Just visit our website - or call our friendly sales team - to place and pay for your order and we can send out your products via our next day delivery service wherever you are in the UK.


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