World Cup Returns To UK Soil!

World Cup Returns To UK Soil!

In just a few months footy fever will hit the globe and every England fan will be gearing up to see if we can finally claim the Fifa World Cup and be named winners of this international competition. If things don’t work out this way, some lucky fans got to see the actual World Cup up close as it travelled to England and Scotland on its trophy tour.

Pure gold

Visitors to the various locations where the cup was unveiled weren’t the only ones getting close to it. We’re really pleased to reveal that our furniture was used when the cup stopped off in Glasgow as part of its world tour. Made of solid gold, the cup is an impressive sight even if visitors aren’t fanatic football fans, so it goes without saying that it requires a great deal of security to keep it safe on it’s international trip.

As well as stopping off in Scotland, the cup also made detours to England, and will travel to around 90 countries in six continents before it arrives in Brazil ready for the tournament this summer.

Precious metals

It’s not only the precious metals that make the trophy priceless but also what it stands for: World Cup Winners. This goes some way in explaining why the cup used prior to the current trophy was stolen, which happened in 1983, 13 years after it was won outright by Brazil. Because the country had claimed the original cup permanently, the one currently on tour was introduced in 1970 and has been in use ever since.

International affair

You can understand how much security needs to be in place to make sure it’s kept safe and we were pleased that our black stretch barriers were used to help out with crowd management at the trophy’s stop-off in Glasgow last week. Our black stretch barriers were chosen for these purposes, and they’re the perfect choice for these kinds of occasions.

The stretch barrier is very smart looking and is a great complement to an important event such as this. These kinds of international sporting occasions not only attract lots of visitors, but they may also attract attention from the world press, meaning images of your venue could be beamed around the globe.

Parallel parking

Our black stretch barriers blend in with stylish looking environments, giving you classy looking crowd control options. As well as looking great at these kinds of events and other smart occasions, our stretch barriers are very practical too. With a sturdy PVC base, this is suitable for outdoor use, very important for sporting events, where you’d like to define areas for spectators to stand or for queuing by arenas and stadiums.

It’s very easy to unclip the fabric webbing, so when you need them to admit visitors to complexes you can do so very easily and quickly. You’re also free to arrange them in any way you choose, such as by placing them in parallel lines, to create large queuing areas in smaller spaces.

Money saving crowd management

Because you’re free to hire just the quantity you need, then your order is made up the exact number of stretch barriers you require, allowing you to tailor your furniture rental to your budget. We also have chrome stretch barriers and our red ropes and poles available too, for those chic and VIP functions. 

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